The orcish shamans hoard magical equipment in their hideout.


Edron Orc Cave


3 Blank Runes

NOTE: Since this cave has many difficult creatures, and the rewards are not terribly exciting, it is highly reccommended that you get a team together and complete all of the quests in this cave at one time, instead of making multiple trips.

Required Equipment


  • Go down into the Edron Orc Cave. The entrance is southwest of the castle (here). You can access this area via a drain in the basement of the Edron Flats.
  • Once in the hole, you will meet only Orcs, Poison Spiders, Orc Spearmen and Orc Warriors. Follow the cave to the west and then south. There are a couple of side rooms, but basically there is only one way to go.

Dark Armor Quest Map 01.jpg

  • On the second level, you will meet Poison Spiders, Orcs, Orc Spearmen, Orc Warriors and Orc Berserkers. After you drop down, follow the map below, by walking west to a three-way crossing. There, continue walking all the way north and then west. The reward is in a skeleton body in a room at the far north-western end of the floor, guarded by 2-3 Orc Shamans. You can easily tell the right room, as it has a Sacrificial Stone in its center.

Shaman Treasure Quest 2.png

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