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Maps of the Shadow Tomb

Non-Hunting Floors

Ank Tomb map southwest1.png

A = 3 Cave Rats.

First Hunting Floor

Ank Tomb map southwest2.png

A4 Cave Rats LPoison Spiders and Larvae
BPoison Spiders MLarvae
C3 Skeletons NLarvae and Scarabs
D2 Mummies OGhouls and Skeletons
EPoison Spiders and Skeletons P1 Slime and 3 Ghouls
FGhouls and Snakes Q3 Ghouls and then 1 Bonelord
GSkeletons and Poison Spiders RLarvae
HLarvae and Scarabs SGhouls, Skeletons and Scarabs
IStalker Tfirst Ghouls and Skeletons, and then a Mummy
J2 Scarabs USkeletons and a Scorpion
KSkeletons VSkeletons, Ghouls and south 2 Mummies

Second Hunting Floor

Ank Tomb map southeast3.png

A2 Skeletons NFire Devil
BTeleporter to deeper tomb. O2 Ghouls, 2 Scorpions, Ghost
C3 Ghouls P2 Scarabs
D4 Ghouls, 2 Scorpions Q3 Crypt Shamblers, 2 Ghouls, 1 Vampire
EStalker R2 Scarabs, 2 Ghouls
FGhost S4 Fire Devils
GFire Elemental, Fire Devil T3 Ghouls
H4 Ghouls, 4 Crypt Shamblers, 2 Mummies UFire Elemental
I3 Scarabs V2 Ghouls, 2 Scorpions
JScarabs, 2 Larvas, Ghouls W2 Skeletons, 2 Ghouls
K2 Ghouls, Mummy, 2 Stalkers X5 Crypt Shamblers
L2 Ghouls, 2 Skeletons Y3 Larvas, 3 Ghouls
MCrypt Shamblers

Third Hunting Floor (First Beyond Flame)

Tomb Shadow 3.jpg

A4 Mummies, 2 Demon Skeleton R2 Ghosts, 1 Vampire
B2 Mummies, 2 Demon Skeleton, 2 Ghosts S3 Mummies, 1 Demon Skeleton, 1 Vampire, 4 Crypt Shamblers
C2 Demon Skeletons? T3 Ghosts, 2 Crypt Shamblers
D3-4(?) Scarabs U2 Vampires, 2 Mummies, 3 Crypt Shamblers
E3 Crypt Shamblers, 2 Mummies V1 Mummy
F2 Demon Skeleton, 2 Mummies, 1 Scarab W4 Mummies
G4 Ghosts X3 Crypt Shamblers, 2 Ghosts, 2 Mummies
H3 Fire Elementals, 3 Crypt Shamblers Y2 Fire Elementals
I1 Green Djinn, 3 Fire Elementals, 2 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Demon Skeleton, 2 Mummies Z2 Fire Elementals
J3? Scarabs AA2 Fire Elementals
K2 Crypt Shamblers AB3 Fire Elementals, 4 Crypt Shamblers
L2 Ghosts, 2 Crypt Shamblers AC5 Crypt Shamblers
M1 Mummy, 1-2(?) Fire Elementals AD2 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Demon Skeleton
N2 Mummies AE4 Crypt Shamblers, 2 scarabs, 2 Mummies (?)
O2 Demon Skeleton, 2 Mummies AF3 Mummies, 3 Crypt Shamblers (?)
P1(?) Fire Elemental AG4 Crypt Shamblers
Q2 Fire Elementals, 2 Demon Skeleton, 2 Ghosts AH3 Ghosts, 1 Mummy, 1 Vampire

Fourth Hunting Floor (Second Beyond Flame)

Tomb Shadow 4.jpg

ANecromancers, 4 Scarabs, 2 Demon Skeletons, 3 Mummies T1 Necromancer, 1 Demon Skeleton, 2 Crypt Shamblers, undecaying Ghost corpse
B3 Fire Elementals, 2 Crypt Shamblers U2 Mummies, 1 Green Djinn
C3 Fire Elementals, 4 Flamethrowers V3 Vampires, 3 Mummies, 2 Demon Skeletons
D3 Mummies, 2 Fire Elementals, 3 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Demon Skeleton W3 Demon Skeletons
E2 Fire Elementals, 3 Mummies X3 Necromancers, 3 Demon Skeletons, 1 Dragon
F2 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Demon Skeleton Y2 Demon Skeletons, 4 Mummies
G2 Mummies, 3 Demon Skeletons, 2 Fire Elementals Z4 Vampires, 3 Demon Skeletons, 3 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Mummy (?)
H1 Dragon AA4 Mummies
I1 Fire Elemental, 1 Mummy AB3 Mummies, 2 Vampires
J1 Demon Skeleton AC2 Mummies
K3 Fire Devils, 3 Fire Elementals AD3 Demon Skeletons, 2 Fire Elementals
L2 Demon Skeletons, 4 Fire Elementals AE1 Green Djinn, 2 Mummies, 2 Demon Skeletons
M2 Mummies, 1 Demon Skeleton, 1 Vampire AF2 Ghosts, 4 Mummies, 2 Demon Skeletons, 1 Green Djinn
N2 Vampires(?), 3 Fire Elementals, 1 Demon Skeleton, 2 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Mummy AG2 Green Djinns, 3 Fire Elementals, 1 Flamethrower
O3 Vampires, 2 Crypt Shamblers, 1 Demon Skeleton AH4 Demon Skeletons, 3 Mummies, 1 Green Djinn
P1 Necromancer, 1 Fire Elemental AI4 Fire Elementals, 2 Fire Devils, 1 Dragon
Q3 Fire Elementals AJ2 Fire Elementals, 2 Demon Skeletons
R2 Green Djinns, 2 Necromancers, 2 Demon Skeletons, 2 Fire Elementals AK1 Dragon, 2 Flamethrowers
S3 Necromancers, 1 Crypt Shambler(?), 3 Green Djinns AL3 Mummies, 1 Necromancer, 2 Dragons, 4 Fire Elementals, 4 Demon Skeletons, 2 Green Djinns, teleporter to Mahrdis path. (huge room - unlikely to encounter all at once)
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