This channel contains all texts about information the game wants to tell you from the server. When you try to send a message in this channel, it will be send to the Local Channel. Clear the messages from the console window by repeatedly pressing Alt+W (Tibia 11's default hotkey). You cannot close this channel.

White Messages:

  • If you are permanently ignoring players.
  • When you add or remove a player from your ignore list.
  • The last time you logged in.
  • Raid messages.
  • Damage you deal or lose to a creature or fellow player.
  • How much damage your summons cause.
  • Your advances.
  • Tutorial hints.
  • How many items are in your depot (when you stand in front of it).

Green Messages:

  • Anything you look at.
  • Buying or selling items to an NPC.
  • Loot of a creature killed by you or someone in your party.
  • Items used with hotkeys.
  • The location of a player when you exiva them.

Red Messages:

  • When the server is going offline in the next few minutes for Server Save or an Update.
  • When you have been idle for 15 minutes.
  • When you are using Tibia 10, you'll get every 5 minutes a red message saying the client will soon no longer be supported.

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