Fire Elemental, Green Djinn, and more


White Pearl


White Pearl

  • Climb to the top of the Serpentine Tower in Ankrahmun, south-east of the Depot (here).
  • Go down to the ground floor within the tower (do not go below - it is dangerous).
  • In the room north, place a Pot on the open fire in the room. This will activate the Magic Forcefield on the east side of the room, so that it teleports you into the quest room.
  • Go through the teleport and get the White Pearl from the chest.

Possible continuation

Many players believe that there's more to the Serpentine Tower than just the White Pearl. The mystery usually surrounds the caged creatures and the lever inside the Green Djinn's cage.

  • In the small room with the white pearl, there is a lamp on the wall. "Use" the lamp. It will sparkle (red sparkles on your body), but will not light.
  • Go down the Stairs to the room with the "caged creatures". BE CAREFUL! The Fire Elemental will now be loose!
  • Kill the Fire Elemental and flip the switch that is inside his "cage". This will remove the Magic Walls holding the Green Djinn downstairs.
  • There is a switch in the "cage" of the Green Djinn, but it is unknown what it does or if it does anything at all.

See Talk:Serpentine Tower Quest/Spoiler for a discussion of possible continuations.

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