Property Value
Combat Properties
Hands One
Type Sword
Attack 18
Earth Attack 8
Defense 15
Defense Modifier +1
General Properties
Name Serpent Sword
Item ID 3297
Classification Sword Weapons
Weight 41.00 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 900 - 1,500 gp
Sold for 900 gp
Bought for 6,000 gp
Other Properties
Version ?
Status Active
Serpent Sword.gif
You see a serpent sword (Atk:18 physical + 8 earth, Def:15 +1).
It weighs 41.00 oz.


    Good sword for low levels.
    It has an attack of 18 Physical Damage plus 8 Earth Damage, thus it is a good weapon to hunt monsters weak to Earth Damage, like Cyclops.

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    Can be obtained as a reward in the Draconia Quest.
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    As of Winter Update 2007, this weapon had its attack changed from 26 Physical Damage to 18 Physical Damage +8 Earth Damage, when the elemental system was revised.

    On earlier versions of the game, when Dragons used to drop Fire Swords, Dragon Lords used to drop this weapon.

    Trade Details

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