Senja is an Ice Island situated in the Nordic Ocean and it is the isle of the archipelago closest to the continent. You need to pay 20 gp to Nielson in order to travel to Senja from the mainland with the Nordic Tibia Ferries, or you can travel from Vega/Folda to Senja for 10 gp. You can find there 13 houses/flats and one guildhall in Senja's Village.

There is a Castle in Senja where there is a teleporter to the vault of Alawar, Warlock of Senja. It is guard by his fierce minotaurs and dangerous magical fields. There is a Quest here, the Alawar's Vault Quest. If you do the complete quest you can enter the Senja dungeon from Senja, avoiding the long way you have to walk if you enter from Folda.

There is also a small cave with a few Frost Trolls, just north of the village. You need shovel to enter.

Senja NPCs (3 NPCs)
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FerrymanWestern Senja, on his raft
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BarkeeperSenja, in his tarvern.
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Furniture ShopkeeperWest in Senja, in her store.

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