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As of October 20, 2011, the Senior Tutors no longer exist. The "Thank you!" system was implemented in their place, which enables players to become Tutors by receiving "Thank you!'s" in-game or on the Support boards. Tutors can be identified by the status title of "Tutor" on their account page and forum posts as well as a number of stars by this status that reflects the number of "Thank you!'s" received. While all Tutors were initially given one star, Senior Tutors were given two stars.

Senior Tutors are in all aspects an ordinary player, that means senior tutors have no authority upon tutors nor players. A senior tutor has exactly the same duties of a common tutor; help players on the help channel and report bugs, in addition to that Senior Tutors can report posts and threads that violate the Tibia Rules. They are also able to post on the forum with characters of Level 1.

In the technical update of the spring of 2006, Senior Tutors were able to report statements from public channels. This was changed again on the 2009 Winter Update when all players became able to report statements from public channels.

In order to qualify to for the position of senior tutor you must have been active as a Tutor for 3 months (12 weeks), with no bad reports (which delay the evaluation period by 8 weeks).

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