General Information

  • The First Optional PvP world created.
  • The word "Secura" is derived from Latin meaning "secure".


  • You can get basic equipment for a low price. It's pretty easy to get a start equipment from high levels for free
  • You cannot be killed because it's optional-PvP.
  • The main languages spoken are English/Polish/Swedish.
  • There is always a big amount of Players online which means the spawning times are fast.
  • Few of the old gamemasters call this server their home.
  • There are a lot of powerful guilds that offer fast and safe quest services. Even few them offer quest services for free.


  • There are many Power Abusers, Lurers, Botters and Thieves.
  • There are many Account Traders/Sharers.
  • There are not many Players that respect the reserving of Spawns.

Additional Information

  • The First player reaching Level 100 on Secura was Soda Popinski (deleted)
  • The First player reaching Level 100 after the server reset on Secura was Gemakk
  • The First player reaching Level 200 on Secura was Burt Simpson
  • The First player reaching Level 300 on Secura was Angel of Distans (deleted)
  • The First player reaching Level 400 on Secura was Dave of Secura (deleted)
  • The First player reaching Magic Level 100 on Secura was Dave of Secura (deleted)
  • The First player completing the Demon Oak Quest on Secura was Plemienny Wojownik (deleted)
  • Secura was the first world to reach the second stage of Roshamuul (breaching the wall) on January 29, 2014.
  • The First player reaching Fist Fighting 100 on Secura was Mats Doll




Golden NewspaperLevelAristhon1113
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicAristhon128
Rainbow ShieldShieldingMystic Videl126
Royal CrossbowDistanceRemek133
Warlord SwordSwordMystic Videl129
The StomperClub Flippendo125
Stonecutter AxeAxeViggo Slayer128
Behemoth ClawFistMats Doll100
Fishing RodFishingEllenroh Elessedil101
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