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This article is about secret areas in Tibia. You can use them to hide from players (e.g. Player Killers). Particularly good places to hide are quest areas, which can only be accessed while on a certain mission or after completing a certain mission. Also, it's always a good idea to bring some keys with you, since it's very unlikely that the player who's after you brought the exact same keys with him.

Pacman Room

You will need a Shovel, a Scarab Coin and a Rope to leave the tomb.

  • Go down three levels until you find a Mystic Flame. Step onto the flame and then place the Scarab Coin on the Coal Basin. Follow the map:

  • Use the picture of the scarab on the wall to open up a passage way.

  • You can now enter the Pacman Room through the teleport.

The Kingdom of Kormarak (Ancient Temple)

Next to the single dragon spawn in the Ancient Temple, there is another room, called the Kingdom of Kormarak, here. Not many players know that this room exists let alone how to get there, so it's a great hideout if you're chased by Player Killers. Directions on how to get there are found here.

Levitate spot in Mount Sternum

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Levitate spot in Jakundaf Desert

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Secret room in Folda

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Hole in the Senja Castle dungeon

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More places are:

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