Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Kazordoon
Position 127.64, 124.172, 12
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Technomancer
Other Properties
Version 8.5
July 1, 2009
Status Active
You see Scutty.
NPC Bubble D
  • Stupid tool. Where are you? Why do you interrupt me in doing my job.


Kazordoon, near Talphion.


Technical dwarf.

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Player: Hi
Scutty: Hi there.
Player: Name
Scutty: Scutty is the name. I'll spare you the part that only dwarfs can pronounce.
Player: Job
Scutty: As you can see, I'm the tooth fairy. I collect children's teeth and wear a tutu and fly. ...
Scutty: Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer! What do you think all these machines are for? Why are my hands black with machine oil and why am I wearing a tool belt? No, I am not an unhygenic tooth fairy. ...
Scutty: I am a technomancer! Master of machines and mechanics!
Player: Dwarf
Scutty: Dwarfs are a race apart - a unique race. ...
Scutty: I can fully understand the fact that other races such as humans and .. uhm .. elves and orcs and .. uhm .. cyclopes and .. hm .. flies and so on are in awe of us. But for us, our genius is an everyday fact of life. ...
Scutty: Nevermind, human. Your inferiority is not your fault. Not every race can be as gifted as we are. Not that I mean to be rude or anything.
Player: Human
Scutty: Human society has been polluted by the taint of magic like many of Tibia's civilisations.
Player: Elves
Scutty: Hah! Elves! So blinded by their attachment to magic. If you were to ask them how a bow and arrow worked they would probably tell you the spirits of the air carry their arrows to the hearts of their enemies! ...
Scutty: They don't have the slightest idea of mechanics or physics.
Player: Machine
Scutty: What kind of a silly question is that? But fine: a machine is something that can do everything you can but twice as efficiently. And no, despite these qualities it doesn't have a tail, fur and above all, it doesn't eat bananas!
Player: Society
Scutty: Sadly, even my own people distrust us and our technology to some extent. They think we are 'different' and some of the ancients condemn us because we don't align ourselves with the elemental forces. ...
Scutty: It's not that we don't honour the elements, we do. But we have a different approach to honouring the elements. ...
Scutty: This difference is the source of the distrust, but despite this, our inventions have become an integral part of dwarven society and we are acknowledged for our accomplishments.
Player: Magic
Scutty: Magic is unreliable, restrictive and hampers progress. ...
Scutty: I know, you're thinking that 'he's just jealous and wants technomancy to get more attention' but it's not only technology that is held back by the quick fixes magic provides - society suffers as well. ...
Scutty: Consider this. There is a spell for everything so nobody tries to find alternative solutions for their problems - the need for creative thinking disappears and people become lazy. ...
Scutty: People become trapped by their superstions because they know someone only needs to mutter a few words to turn them into a frog and suddenly, the whole world is full of people putting the evil eye on you. ...
Scutty: they blame fate for their problems rather than taking responsibility for their own lives. . ...
Scutty: Of course some of these arguments could be used against technology, but at least there is skill and thought behind technology not just some hocus pocus gobbledygook!
Player: Mechanic
Scutty: Oh please. If you don't know what mechanics are about, go and find another dwarf who has a century spare to explain it all to you. ...
Scutty: I have more important things to do than show a human what a spanner is for.
Player: Invention
Scutty: My greatest invention was the improved lift system that we used on the farms. It was by far more efficient and fast than the old ones. And what did those technophobic dwarfs go and do? ...
Scutty: They made me a lift boy out of gratitude! They insisted that I had to operate it to guarantee its safety. What a joy I tell you! 'Lift me up Scutty' the whole stupid day! ...
Scutty: Great! It took years for them to get used to the lift and let me move on to my other projects.
Player: Technomancer or Technomancy
Scutty: Regardless of what those narrowminded spellcasters claim, technomancy is a science in its own right. It is much more precise than dabbling in magic and incomprehensible forces. ...
Scutty: And, what's more, it's based on logical thinking - not some freaky talent you have to be born with. ...
Scutty: Of course I understand why you humans prefer to rely on chance and childrens' rhymes without having any true understanding of what you are doing. ...
Scutty: As a technomancer, you can at least work out your mistakes because they are based on logic, even if the mistake you have made is likely to have blown someone up . ...
Scutty: That does not make our interaction with dwarven society an easy one, but we get along well enough.
Player: Bye
Scutty: Yeah, bye.

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