You see Scott
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  • Hey there, adventurer! Need a little rest in my inn? Have some food!


Senja, in his tarvern.


Scott is the owner of a tavern in Senja.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Bread Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink4
Cheese Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink6
Ham Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink8
Meat Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink5


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Player: rumour
Scott: A sailor from Carlin told me that the natives of the Ice Islands pray to different gods. I think 'Chyll' is one of them or was that the name of the northern winds?? Well, doesn't matter! Primitives!
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard something about the fauna of the Ice Islands. The people tattle about birds that don't fly but swim!!! Isn't that ridiculous?!?!
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard it through the grapevine that the people on the Ice Islands eat fish all the time. But not only usual fish, no. They eat red and green fishes! ...
Scott: ... The only green fish I know is the one you can buy at Permaret in Edron as a 'special offer' and that would be your last meal. Trust me!
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard about one guy, that is living in the capital of the Ice Islands, who has become crazy after searching the mines there. He always mumbles things about ancient demons and the end of the world.
Player: rumour
Scott: A friend of mine, Captain Ogden Brewboiler, travelled to the forgotten northern sea. He is an ambitious sailor but still I have a bad feeling about it. I hope he's doing well.
Player: rumour
Scott: The people talk about a huge mountain of ice, several hundreds of metres thick located in the centre of the main Ice Island.
Player: rumour
Scott: Have you heard about the natives of the Ice Islands? It sounds very confusing to me. ...
Scott: ... I mean there are barbarians and barbarians, some are good, the others not. One call themselves 'Norsir' the others 'Raiders', but actually they are all the same.
Player: rumour
Scott: Some old people tell stories about the creation war and these islands in the North ruled by snow and ice. They say it once was a fertile region. Mighty magicians used a huge crystal of ice to store all the coldness inside.
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard about dozens of sea serpents terrorising the sea around the islands in the North. ...
Scott: ... It seems that this was the reason why nobody has discovered the Ice Islands before. Something must have happened because at a moment's notice they disappeared.
Player: rumour
Scott: A sailor told me a story about female raiders. He said they can talk to the beasts that live in the wilderness of the north. ...
Scott: ... The wolves and bears protect them and tear their foes into pieces if they order them to. If you ask me, this is just gossip.
Player: rumour
Scott: A week ago an old drunkard mumbled something about hairy elephants!! I wonder who's telling all that weird stuff. I never met someone who was in the North and returned to the main continent.
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard something about the barbarian tribes, who live on the newly discovered Ice Islands, that are called 'raiders'. The mightiest of them is headed by a shaman witch. There are rumours that she is immortal.
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard that the town is mostly built out of wood. The inhabitants nearly stubbed all their forests. ...
Scott: ... That must be the reason why the Carlin traders are so interested in getting there. They sense gold in selling wood.
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard something about a civil war going on in the North. It seems that there are different tribes of 'raiders' making the whole area an even rougher place than it is already.
Player: rumour
Scott: I received a letter from a friend who works on the Ice Islands. ...
Scott: ... He was writing strange things about suspicious inhabitants and something about a test to become one of them. It was very hard to read the letter, I think he was drunk as hell when he wrote it.
Player: rumour
Scott: A guy told me that the Carlin Trading Syndicate sent out an employee to the new market in the North to open up a new branch of their company.
Player: rumour
Scott: Some citizens from Venore settled on one of the islands in the North. I heard stories about exotic products they are gathering from their hunts.
Player: rumour
Scott: The Carlin Trading Syndicate is sending expedition after expedition to the new discovered islands in the north. ...
Scott: ... I heard that they dig for valuable ore which was found in an old mine. I wonder why nobody of them has returned yet.
Player: rumour
Scott: I heard about some strange creatures that appeared on one of the smaller ice islands. Reportedly they have a human torso but the lower body of a white-furred goat! Can you imagine that? ...
Scott: Travellers told me that they recently moved into the caverns beneath the island. There, they are growing fresh grass and even flowers! How is that possible in a frozen cave? Some kind of magic has to be involved. ...
Scott: I'm just not sure whether it is of the benevolent or the malicious kind.

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