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  • The name Saphira comes from the word sapphire.
  • The first level 100 on Saphira was Chompollet Tzetzi.
  • The first level 200 on Saphira was Auroth on 20 April 2007.

Players above level 200 now: Ghlargh Nobztrakt Nok'ha

  • Saphira killed Orshabaal on 14 February 2006.

Nobztrakt has got the record for "most XP achieved on a single day". At Jan 13 2008 he got 17,547,465 XP. He went from level 209 to 217 that day.

  • The oldest guild on Saphira is Ataraxis, who was founded on August 19th, 2005. The oldest members are Derneus(joined August 21st, 2005) and Moonshade(joined August 25th, 2005).

Important Facts

17/04/2008: Masterplan declares war on Vanguards of Azeroth for the planned murder of Duttztrakt, Knacke and Nobztrakt.

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