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You see Santiago
NPC Bubble D.gif
  • Evil little beasts... I hope someone helps me fight them.
  • Nasty creepy crawlies!
  • Don't be shy, can't hurt to greet me with 'hello' or 'hi'!
  • Hey! You over there, could you help me with a little quest? Just say 'hi' or 'hello' to talk to me!


Tutorial island south of Rookgaard


NPC Santiago, full name Santiago Fuentes, is the first NPC a new tibian meets. He offers new tibians a chance to earn their first pieces of equipment, by exploring the basic elements of the game; using items, using equipment, fighting, looting creatures and regaining health.


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Player: hi
Santiago: Hello again, player! It's great to see you. If you like, we can chat a little. Just use the dark blue keywords again to choose a topic.
Player: keywords
Santiago: Right, this was a keyword. But actually there are more interesting topics to talk about.
Player: job
Santiago: I catch fish for a living. But I'm telling you, those cockroaches are ruining me.
Player: name
Santiago: Oh, my name is Santiago. I could tell you some gossip about me, harhar. I also know many stories.
Player: Time
Santiago: Time is passing slowly on Rookgaard, I can tell you!
Player: Rookgard
Santiago: We are currently south of the village of Rookgaard, just follow the path to the east. Once you are there, you will meet many other citizens.
Player: main
Santiago: The main continent is so much bigger than Rookgaard. You can travel there once you are level 8 and have chosen a vocation.
Player: vocation
Santiago: The Tibian vocations are knight, paladin, sorcerer and druid, each of them has its own specialities.
Player: knight
Santiago: Knights are strong melee fighters. They usually use weapons such as swords, clubs or axes.
Player: druid
Santiago: Druids are nature magic users, specialised in earth, ice and healing.
Player: paladin
Santiago: Paladins are distance fighters and holy magic users. They outrun their enemies and shoot them with arrows or bolts.
Player: sorcerer
Santiago: Sorcerers are elemental magic users, specialised in fire, energy and death magic.
Player: cockroach
Santiago: Every morning, I'm missing about a dozen fishes. Once, I've seen one of those beasts nibbling on a fish! They are SO disgusting!
Player: tibia
Santiago: Tibia is a huge world with many cities - most of them threatened by monsters. If you help us fighting them, you will earn experience and grow into a strong warrior.
Player: cities
Santiago: There are many cities on the main continent, much bigger than our little village here. You should visit all of them!
Player: monsters
Santiago: Here on Rookgaard, we are lucky that the monsters threatening our village are rather weak. I wouldn't want to have the dragons and demons of the main continent here!
Player: dragons
Santiago: You'll never forget your first dragon. That is true even after all those years. Fierce beasts they are!
Player: demons
Santiago: There are numerous different demons all over Tibia. They mostly hide deep in dungeons, but sometimes they dare entering the human realm.
Player: citizens
Santiago: Most of the citizens are merchants. We have also two guards and a healer, and a teacher in our academy.
Player: santiago
Santiago: Everyone in Tibia has a job, and I'm a fisherman! Well - I used to be a famous pirate, to be honest, but all those adventures were too much for me.
Player: gossip
Santiago: Did you hear that story about me catching this HUUUUGE fish?! It was so big that I couldn't pull it on board of my ship... and... and ...
Player: stories
Santiago: There are so many things I could tell you, I don't even know where to start! My best stories are about Svargrond and the explorer society.
Player: merchants
Santiago: We have a weapon smith called Obi, Dixi is selling armors and Al Dee is offering general tools. Also, you can buy potions from Lily. I think those are the most important people to trade with.
Player: guards
Santiago: The bridge guards Dallheim and Zerbrus can tell you which monsters are suitable for your level and where to find them.
Player: healer
Santiago: Our healer is called Cipfried. He guards the temple.
Player: teacher
Santiago: The teacher of the academy is called Seymour. The academy is just north of the temple.
Player: fisherman
Santiago: To be a fisherman, you only need a fishing rod and worms. You can become one too! Fishing rods can be bought in all cities, even in Rookgaard.
Player: pirate
Santiago: Oh, that life is over. I've settled down. Fighting against those cockroaches is the only excitement I have nowadays, and that's already enough!
Player: adventures
Santiago: You'll experience more than enough adventures soon enough, I'm sure! You look young and strong, Tibia awaits you!
Player: svargrond
Santiago: There was a huge fuzz about it. Actually no one ever knew that it existed until a while ago when the sea serpents which had blocked the sea passage there suddenly disappeared ...
Santiago: Nowadays there is a barbarian settlement, and I heard that you need to win a drinking contest to become an inhabitant! Now that's something! ...
Santiago: Also, there are many different types of fish. They catch them through ice holes there.
Player: explorer society
Santiago: The explorer society has always work for brave adventurers. You can join them in Port Hope or Northport once you arrive on the main continent.
Player: port hope
Santiago: That's a small settlement in the south of Tibia. The jungle of Tiquanda is all around it. There are many places to discover like Banuta, Trapwood or Chor.
Player: northport
Santiago: That's a very small village near one of the main cities, Carlin. I considered living there because it's almost as quiet as Rookgaard.
Player: banuta
Santiago: That is the name of the ape town. They say there is an ape who can talk! I don't believe that, harharhar!
Player: chor
Santiago: This place was discovered some years ago. It's a lizard town and those snake-human mixed thingies are still there! I wonder why they haven't been discovered earlier.
Player: trapwood
Santiago: Wild horses couldn't drag me there!! Evil little beasts called dworcs live there. They use a weird type of voodoo magic.
Player: trade
Santiago: Oh sorry, I don't trade. But if you meet other citizens, it can't hurt to ask them for a trade! If they have offers or buy your stuff, they'll tell you.
Player: obi
Santiago: Obi is a skilled smith. If you need weapons, you can buy them at his shop.
Player: dixi
Santiago: She's Obi's granddaughter and deals with armors and shields, just upstairs from Obi's shop.
Player: al dee
Santiago: Al Dee sells tools such as torches, ropes and shovels. You will learn about them soon!
Player: lily
Santiago: Lily's shop is just behind the bridge that leads to the village. She sells potions which will refill your health or cure poison.
Player: dallheim or zerbrus
Santiago: He's a great warrior. He can also tell you much about monsters and dungeons on this island.
Player: cipfried
Santiago: Visiting Cipfried is a good idea if you are badly injured or poisoned. Just ask him for a heal.
Player: seymour
Santiago: Seymour is a teacher running the academy. He has many important information about Tibia.
Player: experience
Santiago: Earning experience and gaining levels will make you stronger. It's all about power in Tibia!
Player: warrior
Santiago: Well, everybody is a 'warrior' in general. You can choose between four vocations once you are level 8.
Player: quest
Santiago: I think apart from killing cockroaches there's no quest I could give you. There are many more quests on the main continent, just ask around!
Player: oracle
Santiago: Oh, you're a bit young to hear about the oracle. Be patient, you'll learn everything in time.
Player: skip tutorial
Santiago: Oh, so you know everything about Tibia already? Do you really want to skip the tutorial?
Player: yes
Santiago: Well, then good luck and take care!
Player: bye
Santiago: Take care, player!

Player: hints
Santiago: If you don't know the meaning of an icon on the right side, move the mouse cursor on it and wait a moment.
Player: hints
Santiago: Send private messages to other players by right-clicking on the player or the player's name and select 'Message to ....'. You can also open a 'private message channel' and type in the name of the player.
Player: hints
Santiago: Use the shortcuts 'SHIFT' to look, 'CTRL' for use and 'ALT' for attack when clicking on an object or player.
Player: hints
Santiago: If you already know where you want to go, click on the automap and your character will walk there automatically if the location is reachable and not too far away.
Player: hints
Santiago: To open or close skills, battle or VIP list, click on the corresponding button to the right.
Player: hints
Santiago: 'Capacity' restricts the amount of things you can carry with you. It raises with each level.
Player: hints
Santiago: Always have a look on your health bar. If you see that you do not regenerate health points anymore, eat something.
Player: hints
Santiago: Always eat as much food as possible. This way, you'll regenerate health points for a longer period of time.
Player: hints
Santiago: After you have killed a monster, you have 10 seconds in which the corpse is not moveable and no one else but you can loot it.
Player: hints
Santiago: Be careful when you approach three or more monsters because you only can block the attacks of two. In such a situation even a few rats can do severe damage or even kill you.
Player: hints
Santiago: There are many ways to gather food. Many creatures drop food but you can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you have a fishing rod and worms in your inventory, you can also try to catch a fish.
Player: hints
Santiago: Baking bread is rather complex. First of all you need a scythe to harvest wheat. Then you use the wheat with a millstone to get flour. ...
Santiago: This can be be used on water to get dough, which can be used on an oven to bake bread. Use milk instead of water to get cake dough.
Player: hints
Santiago: Dying hurts! Better run away than risk your life. You are going to lose experience and skill points when you die.
Player: hints
Santiago: When you switch to 'Offensive Fighting', you deal out more damage but you also get hurt more easily.
Player: hints
Santiago: When you are on low health and need to run away from a monster, switch to 'Defensive Fighting' and the monster will hit you less severely.
Player: hints
Santiago: Many creatures try to run away from you. Select 'Chase Opponent' to follow them.
Player: hints
Santiago: The deeper you enter a dungeon, the more dangerous it will be. Approach every dungeon with utmost care or an unexpected creature might kill you. This will result in losing experience and skill points.
Player: hints
Santiago: Due to the perspective, some objects in Tibia are not located at the spot they seem to appear (ladders, windows, lamps). Try clicking on the floor tile the object would lie on.
Player: hints
Santiago: If you want to trade an item with another player, right-click on the item and select 'Trade with ...', then click on the player with whom you want to trade.
Player: hints
Santiago: Stairs, ladders and dungeon entrances are marked as yellow dots on the automap.
Player: hints
Santiago: You can get food by killing animals or monsters. You can also pick blueberries or bake your own bread. If you are too lazy or own too much money, you can also buy food.
Player: hints
Santiago: Quest containers can be recognised easily. They don't open up regularly but display a message 'You have found ....'. They can only be opened once.
Player: hints
Santiago: Better run away than risk to die. You'll lose experience and skill points each time you die.
Player: hints
Santiago: You can form a party by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. The party leader can also enable 'Shared Experience' by right-clicking on him- or herself.
Player: hints
Santiago: You can assign spells, the use of items, or random text to 'hotkeys'. You find them under 'Options'.
Player: hints
Santiago: You can also follow other players. Just right-click on the player and select 'Follow'.
Player: hints
Santiago: You can found a party with your friends by right-clicking on a player and selecting 'Invite to Party'. If you are invited to a party, right-click on yourself and select 'Join Party'.
Player: hints
Santiago: Only found parties with people you trust. You can attack people in your party without getting a skull. This is helpful for training your skills, but can be abused to kill people without having to fear negative consequences.
Player: hints
Santiago: The leader of a party has the option to distribute gathered experience among all players in the party. If you are the leader, right-click on yourself and select 'Enable Shared Experience'.
Player: hints
Santiago: There is nothing more I can tell you. If you are still in need of some hints, I can repeat them for you.