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Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Edron
Position 130.19, 124.67, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Sorcerer
Other Properties
Version 10.2
September 18, 2013
Status Deprecated.
Sane Mage
You see Sane Mage.
NPC Bubble D
  • Hm? What is the meaning of all this?
  • What have I become? What is slime if it's not for everyone?
  • Slime! Everywhere! SLIME TIME! Or... not?


South of Stonehome


Formerly known as the Mad Mage, he has now regained his sanity. Implemented with a small patch on October 15, 2013.

Sane Mage vacation


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Sane Mage.

Player: hi, hello
Sane Mage: hello? Yes...? Well, if... if you have any questions - I am not even here.
Player: name
Sane Mage: I AM THE... I mean... I am - what is a mage, if he is not {mad}? If he isn't... raging? I am... I am just sane. A sane mage.
Player: job
Sane Mage: Well I conduct experiments. Viscosity, consistency and overall elegance of {SLIME}. Fungus, I am currently working on a formula for the perfect {slime fungus}.
Sane Mage: Not... right now, though. I am currently... on {vacation}. {Vacation}, yes. All my experiments went wrong. WRONG. Everything. I tried everything but still.
Sane Mage: It's always the same, the {fungus} grows, I am EXCITED and... well... WHAAAAAM! It just EXPLODES! It spreads, covers everything.
Sane Mage: At least I have my trusty {servants} helping me to clean up. They do ALL the work. Removing ALL the {slime}. At least they're working as intended. I designed them, you know.
Sane Mage: However, sometimes people come and just... DESTROY them! Destroy my work!! Why? Do those people help me removing the slime instead? NO! Not at all.
Sane Mage: All they do is ruining my experiments, my perfect testing conditions. It makes me just FURIOUS! And boy do I get FURIOUS, I tell you.
Player: mad
Sane Mage: I am not mad... I- YES, that's the whole problem, isn't it? What's going on, what's happening to me? I don't even know anymore.
Player: slime, fungus
Sane Mage: My experiments, my work - not at the moment, however. I'm on vacation. Trying to get away from it... it's all not right. Why... why am I doing this anyway.
Sane Mage: NO! I should not talk like that, I just... I shouldn't. That's not even ME. I... I used to be MAD. A MAD SCIENTIST! THE BEST! THE... the... WORST! A SUPERLATIVE! Ah, nevermind.
Player: vacation
Sane Mage: Yes, well... I'm taking a break. It will take some time. I don't know how long I just... I want to get away from all this for some time, that's it.
Player: mission, quest
Sane Mage: Slime is my mission. Is there anything more important? There isn't. To me. Right now at least.
Player: help
Sane Mage: You want to help me? HELP me? You? Who... who are you anyway? Ah nevermind.
Player: bye
Sane Mage: Yes... then, goodbye.

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