Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Darashia
Position 129.3, 126.161, 4
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Unknown Occupation
Other Properties
Version 7.8
August 1, 2006
Status Active
You see Samir.
NPC Bubble D


Drefia, high the northern mountains


He is the hermit that lives on the top of a mountain in Drefia. He provides information about the life of an assassin and NPC's involved in getting the assassin outfit and its addons. He was once an assassin, but is now old and retired.
Go up here, walk north and west and go up a ramp, walk west and north until you see a cave with a hole down. Levitate up on the left side of the cave, there lives Samir.

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Player: life
Samir: You would not want to lead such a life, believe me. And I simply refuse to take anyone as my apprentice anymore.
Player: job
Samir: I don't have a job anymore. Long time ago, I used to be an assassin... but that is a dark chapter of my past. Nowadays I'm a simple hermit.
Player: hermit
Samir: That is the life I chose now. My sins can't be made undone, but my life in solitude is my self-imposed punishment.
Player: assassin
Samir: It is true - I once made a living from... well, putting people away who made others feel uncomfortable. It is not an easy life.
Player: apprentice
Samir: No way. I am old and weary. If you really want to throw your life away and become an assassin, go bother Atrad, Vescu or Erayo and try not to get killed.
Player: Atrad
Samir: The red death. As far as I know, he hides somewhere on the Forbidden Islands. Usually he prefers hot places, which fits his temper.
Player: Vescu
Samir: The green death. I think the last time I heard about him, he roamed Tiquanda. In his spare time he prefers jungle surroundings, which matches his confused mind.
Player: Erayo
Samir: The blue death. If he isn't on a killing spree, he loves places with a lot of water, such as the Laguna Islands. He is a quiet one, but don't underestimate him.