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Samera was merged along with Keltera and Trimera into a new world Thera on August 14, 2014.

About This World

  • Server is constantly at war.
  • Currently Shut Down and Bonde da Capela are in war for the leadership of the server.
  • Oldest guild is Damage Incorporated.
  • Old server so prices of items can be very low.
  • Brazilians rule the server so the main language is Portuguese.

Achievements and Quests

  • First player to reach level 100 was Bruttus(hacked and deleted).
  • First player to reach level 300 was Fen'yx(transferred to Trimera).
  • First Paladin to reach level level 100 was Olimpyco.
  • First Knight to reach level level 100 Czar Tomat (deleted).
  • First Sorcerer to reach level 100 was Devmox-Awx.

Guild wars

Mithos vs. SoS One of the first big wars that happened in the history of Samera. The reason of this war was to obtain server supremacy. Mithos and SoS had opposite views and ideas, and therefore clashed in order to gain power over the server. After 1 year of fighting, Mithos won the war and SoS was disbanded. However, after taking control of the server, some Mithos' members started power abusing, scamming and killing players who were against them. These actions brought as a consequence the greatest of all Samera's wars: Mithos vs. Infernnum.

Mithos vs. Infernnum Basically, Infernnum members included most of those who took part on the previous war from SoS side, plus a lot of more players who were unhappy about some of Mithos members' actions. As a result, Infernnum seemed liked a stronger guild to deal with, and most of Mithos members had a hard time dealing with this and therefore spent a lot of time at depots. Although the Samerian population started feeling happy about this (because of thoughts that there wouldn't be any more power abuse and killing on the server), the horrible truth started to shape itself: as soon as Mithos was put inside the depots, Infernnum members massively killed players and power abused for no apparent reason. People started to realize that the guild Infernnum was even more abusive with the community. After several months, through forums and patience, a day came on which A LOT of neutral players joined Mithos side to fight against Infernnum. At this point, everything switched in places and Infernnum was now the one living inside the depot. However, after some months, for some unknown reason, some of these Mithos members left the guild and joined Infernnum's side in the war. The fight for supremacy lasted for at least 3 years, with Infernnum having most of the victories over the span of the war. During the last months of the war, Mithos was heavily put inside depots almost all 24 hours on a daily basis. Members from Mithos started deserting and paying Infernnum to be released from the "hunted" status. Mithos was becoming smaller and smaller, and Infernnum was growing larger and stronger, until one day, Cuisdy on samera, the leader of Mithos, posted on the forum an emotional thread stating the surrender of Mithos. It was a very memorable thread since it stated very good reasons as to why the fight had to stop (for example, the people from the server not realizing that Infernnum as a whole was a very power abusive entity while Mithos really had a few members who maked this guild look horrible in the past). Therefore, Infernnum won the war and ruled Samera for a very long time.

During the war, for a long time Cuisdy of samera had a Gamemaster title on one of this characters (GM Cuisdy). It is heavily speculated that Cuisdy frequently used his Gamemaster powers to help his own guild in the battles. However, Cuisdy always denied this, and one day he decided to leave the Gamemaster spot in order to prove that he could fight without the help of GM powers.

Unknown Heroes / Execution vs. Hell boys The war started on August 5, 2008. When this war started, the Mithos & Infernnum war was already active, but neither war was related with the other. It is widely believed that the war started because of Mexican people (most of Hell boys guild members) were insulting religious beliefs of players from Egypt (most of Unknown Heroes guild members). However, these actions happened while the war was active but were never the cause of such war. The real cause is as follows: this war started with the hacking of Sky el (member from Hell boys); this character went on to kill some low level character who was a friend of Sijone (member from Unknown Heroes). Angry with such event, Sijone asked the real owner of Sky el and friends to pay for this. Lon of mata from Hell boys, Sky el's friend, agreed to pay for this death. However, Sijone was asking for 20k gold. Lon of mata and friends thought this was way too much for the death of a low level, and rejected to pay this amount. As a result, Sijone called some friends, and a short fight started on which Sijone was killed by Lon of mata and John Abruzzii. One hour later, Qupanddy, leader of Unknown Heroes, created a thread on the forum stating a Declaration of War towards Hell boys, and asked members to leave the guild within 48 hours or else each member had to pay to be free from war. In response to this, Hell boys also posted a thread asking Unknown Heroes' members to leave the guild within 24 hours if they didn't want to pay out for leaving the war. Having declared war to each other, Unknown Heroes was reintegrated into a new guild called Execution; it is believed this was done to accommodate Polish players joining Unknown Heroes' side in war.

Main fighting usually took part 4–6 hours after server save due to time differences between Mexican and Egyptian players. The conclusion was a clear victory from Hell boys over Execution.

Frag results: Hell boys (104 frags) vs. Execution (41 frags).

Top Fraggers:

Hell boys: 31 by Borremi; 17 by Chekel; 12 by Alpacinoo

Execution: 8 by Loushia; 5 by Ashraf genosh, Nahal master and Blackronil; 4 by Moamen nona loama and Asran the hero

Last Siege & MI vs. Headhunters The war begun because of unknow reason, mainly someone from Brazil killed someone from Egypt. Firstly Last Siege had 16 members while Headhunters 160+, LS was ruling by frags. After some times MI join LS side and helped them. Headhunters was losing. They called BoP team for help, which broth the biggest problem to Samera server. From that time Fusao team and BoP team start played on Samera. The war ended by Last Siege joining Infernnum side because of Mithos attack in Ankrahmun, after some days it had been disband.

Players with the highest level

Golden GobletZolwyk Frontlinelevel 353, EK
Silver GobletKron Frontlinelevel 364, RP
Bronze GobletGekiflevel 339, MS

Players with the best skill

Solar AxeAxeFireblad110
The StomperClubJapa Summer107
The DevileyeDistanceBarrozinho117
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistFast dragon lord81
Emerald SwordSwordSemeion116
Rainbow ShieldShieldingSemeion115
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicMaloqueiro Justiceiro94
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingMakavelliz96
Gamemaster.gif AchievementsUltis506


FerumbrasFerumbras has been seen on the server 2 times and once killed. The player Knight of the searing flamesgot a ferumbras hat.
GhazbaranGhazbaran has been seen on the server 2 times and got killed only once, at 15-1-2011.
MorgarothMorgaroth has been seen on the server 1 time and never got killed, date is still unknown.
OrshabaalOrshabaal has been seen on the server 3 times and got killed 3 times. First Orshabaal spawned at 31-11-2008. Firstly ruling guild Infernnum tried to kill him, but they failed. After them guild Mithos successfully killed him, Aasustua (176) were main blocker, Billy Nunne (142) helped him.Other date of spawn of him are unknown.

Rare Items

GlandGland Owned by Ultis.
CornucopiaCornucopia Owned by Ultis.
Surprise Bag (Red)Surprise Bag (Red) Owned by Ultis.
Orshabaal's BrainOrshabaal's Brain Owned by Ultis and Reldnas.
Vampire DollVampire Doll Owned by Ultis.
Blood SkullBlood Skull Owned by Ultis.
Fur CapFur Cap Owned by Ultis.
Ravager's AxeRavagers Axe Owned by Ultis.
Frozen PlateFrozen Plate Owned by Ultis and Seelie.
Silver Trophy of ExcellenceSilver Trophy of Excellence Owned by Ultis.
The StomperThe Stomper Owned by Ultis and Seelie.
Bronze Trophy of ExcellenceBronze Trophy of Excellence Owned by Ultis.
Voltage ArmorVoltage Armor Owned by Ultis and Seelie.
Plasmother's RemainsPlasmother's Remains Owned by Nip Jake
Rainbow ShieldRainbow Shield Owned by Ultis and Seelie Abatwa.
ExecutionerExecutioner Owned by Reldnas.
Golden BootsGolden Boots Owned by Reldnas.
Pharaoh SwordPharaoh Sword Owned by Seelie Abatwa.
Mythril AxeMythril Axe Owned by Zolwyk.
Holy FalconHoly Falcon Owned by Ultis and Seelie.
Stuffed ToadStuffed Toad Owned by Seelie Abatwa and Ultis.
Dragon GobletDragon Goblet Owned by Tinho of Death.
Tibiora's BoxTibiora's Box Owned by Tinho of Death.
Twin AxeTwin Axe Owned by Thius Lord.
Oceanborn Leviathan ArmorOceanborn Leviathan Armor Owned by Seelie.
Blue TomeBlue Tome Owned by Seelie.
Havoc BladeHavoc Blade Owned by Seelie.
Ancient TiaraAncient Tiara Owned by Seelie.
Great AxeGreat Axe Owned by Ultis.
Demonwing AxeDemonwing Axe Owned by Ultis.
Ornate ShieldOrnate Shield Owned by Ultis.
Ornate MaceOrnate Mace Owned by Ultis.
TibiaHispano EmblemTibiaHispano Emblem Owned by Ultis.
DemonboneDemonbone Owned by Ultis.

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