Sam, the blacksmith of Thais, used to be an avid explorer and he lost his backpack on one of his adventures.


All kinds of Orcs, Dwarf Guards, Dwarf Soldiers, Giant Spiders.


Dwarven Armor

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The orc spawn location

Sam, the blacksmith of Thais, used to be an avid explorer. Because of this, he lost his backpack in Ulderek's Rock due to an attack of Orcs. It's believed his backpack was stolen by an Orc. If you find and return it to him, he'll tell his friend Kroox in Kazordoon to give you a gift: a Dwarven Armor.

You can only loot the backpack out of one specific orc inside the Orc Fortress. This Orc is a rare spawn on the north-eastern end, near the Orc Powder tower (here). The backpack is red embroidered with the message "Property of Sam, Thais."

After you get the backpack, head back to Thais and say 'backpack' to Sam to return his old backpack and earn the achievement Backpack Tourist.

Sam will send you to see Kroox in Kazordoon. After telling Kroox that Sam sent you, he will tell you that the only Dwarven Armor he has left is located deep down in the Dwarf Mines. Now head down to the Pick 'N Shovel Mine, and make your way to the Crusader Helmet Quest location. There is a total of four Giant Spiders in this cave, but you should only encounter three on the way to the Armor. Remember to bring a melee weapon to break through the Spider Webs. Go down a passage leading south, before the Crusader Helmet spot, here. You'll see a quest door with a Chest (Quest) inside. Open the door and get the Dwarven Armor from inside the chest.

Congratulations, you have completed Sam's Old Backpack Quest. Enjoy your new Dwarven Armor.

Note: you can only do this quest once. If you get another Old and Used Backpack from the Orc that drops it, you can use it as a container to carry items in, do the quest on another character, or sell it to another player.


Sam on Thais

Player: hi
Sam: Welcome to my shop, Player! I trade with weapons and armor.
Player: backpack
Sam: What? Are you telling me you found my old adventurer's backpack that I lost years ago??
Player: yes
Sam: Thank you very much! This brings back good old memories! Please, as a reward, travel to Kazordoon and ask my old friend Kroox to provide you a special dwarven armor. ...
Sam: I will mail him about you immediately. Just tell him, his old buddy Sam is sending you.

Kroox on Kazordoon

Player: hi
Kroox: Welcome to Kroox Quality Armor, Player!
Player: Sam sent me
Kroox: Oh, so it's you, he wrote me about? Sadly I have no dwarven armor in stock. But I give you the permission to retrieve one from the mines. ...
Kroox: The problem is, some giant spiders made the tunnels where the storage is their new home. Good luck.