Bag Safe Trade is the safest way to trade items in Tibia.

Right click the item and select "trade with" (Tibia standard controls), then left click the player you want to trade with.
Note: You cannot trade more than 100 items at the time

When both players have done this you can see the offers in a window that opens. If you trade a backpack the items inside will be shown. If you trade a container, the items will be shown in order, from top to bottom and left to right;

  • The outer container
  • The things inside the outer container (upper left corner first)
  • The things inside the first inner container (upper left corner first again)
  • etc.

Look at the items to make sure you are not getting scammed. Then click Accept.
If one of the players click Cancel, the trade window will immediately disappear. Also, if you move or throw away the item you are trading, or closing the container it's inside, the trade window will be closed.
When both players click Accept, the items will be traded unless;

  1. One of the players does not have enough capacity to take the item.
  2. One of the players does not have enough room in their backpack to take the item.
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