You see rush wood.


When using a Wild Growth Rune.


It also exists in a lighter color: Rush Wood (Light).gif.

On Open PvP and Retro Open PvP worlds, its color varies depending wether the caster and the viewer are on an active PvP situation or not. On Hardcore PvP and Retro Hardcore PvP worlds it's always dark, whereas on Optional PvP worlds it will always appear with the lighter color.

It is similar to the Magic Wall (Object), although one can shoot through a wild growth wall and not through a magic wall. They can be destroyed with Machetes, Heavy Machetes, and any of the Secret Agent Tools on all PvP worlds, and by walking over them on Optional PvP worlds.


These were not destroyable on PvP worlds before the 2009 Summer Update. The yellow version was implemented with the 10.00 Update and became destructible with the 10.01 Update.