Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Carlin
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Unknown.
Occupational Properties
Job Santa's helper
Other Properties
Version 7.9
December 12, 2006
Status Active
You see Ruprecht.
NPC Bubble D


Vega, he has his own hut next to Santa's house. (here)


If you say Santa Claus, he has a very interesting story for you. Note that due to a bug, in order to trade tokens for a Snowflake Tapestry you will need 100+ tokens in your inventory, although Ruprecht will only take 75.

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Ruprecht: Well, he does not really like it if someone tells his story ... but I do! A long, long time ago Santa was nothing but a greedy little dwarf. A real miser, I tell ya ... He was greedy even by dwarven standards. He would never share anything or give away the cheapest thing in his possession ... One day a woman came to his house and asked him for a cup of water ... Of course he refused. He even mocked her for being so naive. But what he did not know was that this woman was some kind of mighty faery or perhaps a goddess in disguise ... Be it as it may, the woman cursed old Santa, forcing him to share his fortune with everyone he met ... Santa was horrified. Of course, he could not bear the thought of sharing anything at all. So he went into hiding ... He hid in the most remote places in the world, but time and again someone found him out, and the curse made him share his wealth ... And know something? Old Santa actually came to like it! He saw the joy his presents brought, and this opened his old stony heart ... And he learned that this way his fortune gave him more joy and pleasure than it ever did when he locked it away. ... Over the years he turned it into a game. He hid somewhere to reward those who found him ... But once every year, on a very special day which happens to be his curse's anniversary, he goes out and brings presents to the people, and especially to the children ... Well, that is his story ... Nah, that's not a tear in my eye. It's just the wind, you know.

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