Property Value
Aliases Dwarven Quest, Royal Rescue Quest, Firewalker Boots Quest, Hidden City of Beregar Quest, Beregar Quest, Quest of the Boots of Walking on Fire
Est. Length
Quest Log The Hidden City of Beregar Quest
Level 0 (100 For The Firewalker Boots Part)
(60+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 8.4
December 10, 2008
Status Active


There is a tale that concerns a long lost tribe of dwarfs that allegedly settled on one of the islands around Yalahar. Once a brave warrior returned from a journey and vividly described a huge city that he had discovered, inhabited by dwarfs, but nobody believed him.

Required Equipment


Go to Emperor Rehal inside beregar and talk with him to start the quest.

The rescue

  • After talking to the emperor head to the NPC Xorlosh and ask him for "tunnel", after this he will send u to the Beregar library to find a book about tunneling.


  • After getting the book u have to use the wagon that takes to the deepest mines, once there u have to put the wood on the gap and use a hammer on it, if u have all the items needed use the hammer again to build a passage and use the wagon to get to the other side
  • In order to pass the second wagon you have to use the Bricklayers' Kit on the missing part of the structure and then use the pick on the rock, then use the wagon again.
  • To pass this third wagon u have to head back to the tunnel and you will be teleported to the other side, go down the stairs and find the way to the broken bridge, when u get there go up the stairs to another wagon.
  • You will find urself in a room with some wagons lifted, you have to use the wagon to the north-east until you get it to the end.Use a shovel on the coal and it will fill the wagon, move it until you get near the Big oven, use the shovel again and then use the firebug on the oven.Move fast to the thing that blows air to the oven and make one step on it and another in to a random square around it so it blows the fire, make this a few times and move the 2 lever starting from the west so it drops a wagon, then use it. (If you are making the quest alone you have to move fast because the fire will set off)
  • In this Maze you have to use the lewers in order to get the wagon to the north tunnel, once there, head north and after killing some Troll legionaire up the stairs and talk to the NPC asking him about mission.

The troll tribe

  • Now you have to head back to the wagon maze and put the levers to go to the right upper tunnel.
  • There you'll find some furious trolls, after killing them go up the stairs and find ur way through them to get to a teleport.
  • After going into the teleport you will appear one floor up, there you will need to head south through a maze until you get to troll's bedrooms, there you need to take the key from a chest.

  • Now, with the key head into the caves again until you get to some bridges with lava, there you will have troll legionaires shooting so hurry to the other side.
  • Go down and take the right passage (take care with the traps, they will summon Mechanical fighters) until you get to a jail with a berserker in it, break one of the bamboo walls and use levitate to get down.
  • Kill the berserker and go through the passage killing trolls until you get to the jail, there talk to the NPC asking for mission and give him the key.
  • Now go back to the emperor to claim your reward.
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