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Royal Execution Archives 900 - 950 post genesis

900 p.g Hanging of Isaac Brewton for claiming satanic influences rule the course of history. Especial notice is drawn to his assertion that all objects stay in place or move due to lucifer's plans.

912 p.g Execution of Hamilton Fush on the stake for his continuing support of Brewton's thesis. Additional punishment for his claim that child sacrifice could change the course of satan's plans.

913 p.g Hanging of Gabriel Fush, brother of Hamilton Fush, for his public support of his brother.

943 p.g Execution of Alistair Cropwell. Originally in his majesty's service sent to further HRH glory by exploring the world, he became mad and claimed the existence of another empire besides that of our glorious sovereign. Because of his past services he was buried honorably in the graveyard dungeon.

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