The Royal Army, under the command of King Tibianus, is responsible for the discovery of much of the tibian landmass as we know it today. Venore and Carlin were founded by the King after the army had discovered the location. The Royal Army elite soldiers are known as the Red Legion, they were used against Carlin when the citizens rejected Tibianus as their leader. The Red Legion took control of the city for a short while, but after an orc invasion not many of them survived. After this defeat, many refused to continue fighting and deserted the king. These soldiers are now known as Wild Warriors. They established their own hideout near the Plains of Havoc, where the armies of Tibianus wouldn't dare to enter. The Red Legion was also the group sent to the fabled Plains of Havoc, where many of them died to the unknown surprises that awaited them there. Since that defeat, many more soldiers deserted and moved to the outlaw encampment.

Today, the army is hardly present on the continent, except as city guards. Tibianus thought it wiser to let daring citizens (the players of tibia) do their own adventuring and save the army for desperate times. In fact, he has become so reluctant to using his army that even when the city is raided by vicious orcs, he tries to assure the people of Thais all is well. The end of raids always accompany civil deaths.

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