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General Information

Rowana was one of the five gameworlds created in the second batch of Game World Merges (Hiberna + Isara + Eternia). Its creation was officially announced here.

This game world has been actively shielded by BattlEye since May 18, 2017.


  • Skogis was the first character to reach level 600 in Rowana.
  • Elder Kretos currently has the highest magic level which is 106.
  • Venus currently has the highest distance fighting skill which is 128.
  • Venus currently has the highest shielding skill which is 115.
  • Fenix Shade currently has the highest sword fighting skill which is 120.
  • Dusya currently has the highest club fighting skill which is 116.
  • Zativ currently has the highest axe fighting skill which is 117.

Highest Level By Vocation

Outfit Mage Male Addon 3Klief Adas Level 500, Master Sorcerer
Outfit Knight Male Addon 3Skogis Level 605, Elite Knight
Outfit Hunter Female Addon 3Venus Level 459, Royal Paladin
Outfit Druid Male Addon 3Kretos Level 539, Elder Druid

Rares & Known Owners (if possible)


  • It has a lot of active players.
  • Ruler language is English.


  • Power Abusers.
  • Server is currently at war. The war is between guilds Arashi and Rannhide.
  • A lot of botters: most of them have main characters, which protect the bot characters if someone takes skull.
  • Old players have quit; only a few remain.
  • A lot of account selling.
  • A lot of "Skull Bashers" (PK-killers) This can also be an advantage.
  • Respawn of monsters is medium/slow.
  • New server price of items can be very high.

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