This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Testadura.

Roshamuul Exploring

I was an Elite Knight, promoted by King Tibianus himself, and I was given the task to explore the new island called Roshamuul and report my findings. I was the leader of a group known to always prevail and never surrender, so we were the obvious choice for the job.
After months of hard work and lots of lives lost, my team was able to build the Roshamuul bridge. Little did we know what dangers were expecting us ahead. We were afraid, but our will to uncover the secrets of this new and dangerous place prevailed and in no time a group of the best warriors discovered a seemingly impenetrable wall, deep inside the valley.
I was leading that group, and with the healing power of two of the finest druids in the realm, I was able to advance to the east, arriving in a gruesome cemetery with Guzzlemaws hiding behind every corner. We discovered piles of bones containing some special horns, which had magical properties – blowing on them started weakening the great Roshamuul wall. We left the valley that day feeling that real progress was being made, and back on the main camp we told everyone about our discoveries.
The next day, I sent some powerful man to protect the wall surroundings, and went straight to the eastern part of the valley – but I felt something was wrong right away. I didn't know what it was, but I felt a shiver down my spine the moment I entered the cemetery. There weren’t many creatures there, only a few hiding in the bone piles. There was an unnatural silence, like even the dreadful creatures there were afraid of something.
That is when I heard a scream: a mage in the back was lying dead on the ground, crushed by a stone. Behind him was an enormous creature, heavily armored and with a single huge eye. I told my party members to stand ground, but more of the creatures started showing from every direction, until we were overwhelmed. I was able to block four of them, but everyone panicked and just fled – they finally surrendered. As I was dying, the only thing I could think of was my failure and how reckless I was.
As the time passed by, my name was forgotten, but the creature’s name was immortalized as the Sight of Surrender.

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