Roshamuul with labels.

Roshamuul is the name of an island located east of Darashia. It is full of old ruins and inhabited by unholy, demonic creatures. The Inquisition has set up camp here, with a mission to clean the land of demonic influence. Among the notable features are an old bridge, and a massive wall. Roshamuul is divided into an upper and a lower half by a wall.

Lower Roshamuul is where the Inquisition base camp is located to the south-west. Demons also reside in the lower half on the level above and north of the camp and on the same level to the east, with a mountainous area separating them. There are also some strange underground caves in the south-east area. On the northern side of the bridge, a large area known as "Central Roshamuul" or Guzzlemaw Valley contains the weaker demons of the island as well as it's namesake, the Guzzlemaw. This area has a mix of open spaces and also mountainous areas with a few scattered structures that provide some temporary safety.

Upper Roshamuul is divided from the Guzzlemaw Valley by a large wall. Once this wall is breached a large areas opens up with many desolate and destroyed buildings. To the immediate west of the wall is a building with a staircase down to Roshamuul Prison where the most dangerous demon princes are trapped. Northwest of the prison is the "town" with a depot and temple. In the centre, you may find the Dreamcatcher Device, an ominous construction currently being researched by Eruaran of the Inquisition. The Upper area is filled with ruins, mountains as well as the Terrorsleep Mines, in the east, housing many more dangerous demons.

Each successive area on the island becomes available in stages. Initially only the Inquisition Camp and surrounding hunting areas will be available until the bridge can be repaired which opens up Guzzlemaw Valley. Next the wall needs to be breached to access Upper Roshamuul. Further steps also lead to certain NPCs appearing and unlocking specific hunting grounds.


Roshamuul NPCs (12 NPCs)
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InquisitorUpper Roshamuul, under Depot
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InquisitorUpper Roshamuul, west of the Depot
Captain Chelop
Captain Chelop.gif
Missing File
InquisitorLower Roshamuul, near his ship
Dream Butterfly
Dream Butterfly.gif
Missing File
InquisitorUpper Roshamuul, east of the central mountain
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InquisitorUpper Roshamuul, east of depot on top of the central mountain
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InquisitorLower Roshamuul
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InquisitorLower Roshamuul, east of the ship.
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InquisitorOn the second floor of a ruined building in Roshamuul, east-northeast of the depot, slightly north of the central mountain
Missing File
InquisitorOn the bridge between Lower and Central Roshamuul
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InquisitorLower Roshamuul
Missing File
InquisitorUpper Roshamuul, under the Depot
Zedrulon the Fallen
Zedrulon the Fallen.gif
Missing File
InquisitorRoshamuul Temple, west of depot in Upper Roshamuul
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