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You see Rosemarie
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  • Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts that Crunor blessed us with.
  • Celebrate life and nature!


South-west of Port Hope.


She appears in game only during the Flower Month (June).

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy anything.


Flower Pot.gifFlower Pot15 Seeds
  1. During Flower Month and by saying seed.


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Rosemarie.

Player: hi
Rosemarie: Greetings and nature's {blessing}, traveller!
Player: blessing/job
Rosemarie: I'm here to celebrate life. I will stay with you mortals for a while. I exchange {seeds}, which you might have found on your adventures, for flowerpots with rare seedlings.
Player: seeds
Rosemarie: Each seed is like a baby to us dryads. For every 5 seeds you bring me, I'll reward you with a flowerpot that contains a seedling that might flourish into a rare and beautiful {plant} if you care for it. ...
Rosemarie: Do you have any seeds that you would like to exchange?
Player: yes
Rosemarie: Here, I planted this little baby in a flowerpot for you. Don't forget to water it regularly - buy a watering can somewhere!
Player: yes (while carrying less than 5 seeds)
Rosemarie: You don't have enough seeds.
Player: no
Rosemarie: Perhaps you are interested when you have more seeds.
Player: plant
Rosemarie: You will have to water it regularly, then it will flourish and grow. There are several stages of growth that your plant has to pass ...
Rosemarie: With good care and luck, it will grow into the next stage until it finally becomes a fully blooming {flower}. ...
Rosemarie: Of course plants won't grow in the darkness of a depot box. On the other hand, it won't dry out there either ...
Rosemarie: So if you know you can't take care of your plant for a longer time, it might be a good idea to store it into your depot box.
Player: flower
Rosemarie: Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts that Crunor blessed us with. They are very delicate creatures and must be treated with utmost care.
Player: name
Rosemarie: I'm Rosemarie the {dryad}, and just like my name is linked to flowers, my whole existence is connected to the life of plants.
Player: dryad
Rosemarie: Dryads are the daughters of {Crunor} and the protectors of plant life. Sadly, most of my sisters are quite aggressive on their {mission}.
Player: Crunor
Rosemarie: The bringer of life and fertility is worshipped by all dryads.
Player: mission
Rosemarie: Many dryads consider almost everything that is no plant as a threat to plants and the forests ...
Rosemarie: Humans that lumber our forests to build their wooden caves and the strange things they use to cross the seas are especially threatening.
Player: Port Hope/jungle
Rosemarie: I love to stroll around in the jungle. The diversity of plants is fantastic there and even the poisonous spit nettle remains calm if it feels the unconditional love for all plants in your heart.
Player: Thais/Venore/Edron/Liberty Bay
Rosemarie: I prefer to stay outside of towns to enjoy the nature around me.
Player: Darashia/Ankrahmun
Rosemarie: It has its charm but the more plants I have around me the better I feel.
Player: Carlin
Rosemarie: I prefer to stay outside of towns but this spot here is tolerable.
Player: Ab'Dendriel/elves
Rosemarie: The elves found the perfect balance between living from the plants and living with the plants. They should be role models for every living being.
Player: dwarves
Rosemarie: I accept every way of life but this of the dwarfs is not mine. Without sunlight, I would shrivel within days like a plant.
Player: king
Rosemarie: For me, the trees in the jungle of Tiquanda are the kings. Oh, you mean the Tibian king? I'm not interested in human bureaucracy.
Player: queen
Rosemarie: The griffinclaw is the queen among the plants.
Player: bye
Rosemarie: Farewell.