You see a rope.
It weighs 18.00 oz.


The rope is the most commonly used tool in Tibia. Ropes are used to pull oneself up from a hole. Ropes work by using them on tiles called "rope spots" which typically have a light center. Not all holes have a rope spot, and not all rope spots are under a hole. It is possible to rope other players but it is no longer possible to rope a creature. Alternatives to the standard rope are the Elvenhair Rope, the Secret Agent Tools and the Magic Rope spell. Note that each of these items may have their own unique properties. The spell, for example, cannot be used to rope other players or items.

According to the book Adventurer's Guide to the Dungeons from the Jakundaf Desert Library, a rope consists of many rat-tails tied together and it should never be missing in an adventurer's inventory.

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New players start at Dawnport with one in their backpack.
Obtained in the Rope Quest (Edron basement).
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Before the update 7.9 this item looked like this: Rope (Old).gif. Since the update 8.7 players are not able to rope wild creatures any more.