A Rookie is a player who decided to stay on Rookgaard instead of leaving for the mainland and choosing a vocation. Such a player is also known as a Rookstayer, Rookslayer, Rookgaardian, Rookguardian or simply Rooker. Another term used sometimes is Rooktaard, but this is usually taken as an insult (similar to noob) referring to a player on Rookgaard who annoys other players (the word appears to be a portmanteau of Rookgaard and retard).

Rookies commonly have a secondary character known as a Rook Depot that serves as a simulation of the mainland depot and allows them to amass possessions without having to carry them around all the time themselves.

Some guilds only accept Rookies as members, but such guilds are very rare nowadays as a result of Dawnport replacing Rookgaard as the beginner's island in Update 10.55.

The first ever player to reach level 100 on Rookgaard was Antica's Sunrise, whereas the first player to reach level 100 on Rookgaard without ever owning a premium account was Furora's Vanessa of Furora.

Gains by Level

Every character on Rookgaard will gain the following with each level-up:


A character on Rookgaard will regenerate:


Rookers gain melee skills at the same rate as a Sorcerer, with each skill level requiring twice as much training time as the previous one. Any Rooker who wants to raise one of his melee skill levels to 22, for example, will need to invest 57 hours to do so, whereas skill level 21 takes only 28 hours and 30 minutes.

Fist Fighting is the fastest attack skill to advance on Rookgaard, and Rookers reaching fist fighting levels of 30+ are not unheard of.

It is highly recommended to decide on your mainstay weapon type at the very beginning in order to decrease the amount of time you'll need to train as much as possible.