The city of Rookgaard knows one main library, which is located in the Rookgaard Academy. In addition, some books can be found scattered around the island.

Rookgaard Academy

Rookgaard Academy.png

Empty bookcases: Fifth, Sixth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-First.

First Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Monsters in Rookgaard I (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the different creatures that exist on Rookgaard, and strategies to combat them.
Monsters in Rookgaard II (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the different creatures that exist on Rookgaard, and strategies to combat them.
Dungeon Survival Guide (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)Tips for exploring dungeons, and warning against being reckless.

Second Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Tactics Handbook (Book)Book (Brown)Introduction to training and combat strategies and common-sense ideas of fighting style and equipment.
The Flora of Rookgaard (Book)Book (Brown)Describes different types of trees and plants found on Rookgaard.
The Knights (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the basic idea of the knight vocation
The Druids (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the primary benefit of the druid vocation.
The Paladins (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the primary benefit of the paladin vocation
The Sorcerers (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the primary benefit of the sorcerer vocation

Third Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Cities of the Continent (Book)Book (Brown)Describes many of the cities that can be found on the mainland.
Magic (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)Book (Atlas)Describes the different types of magic.

Fourth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Soulvortex (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the portal between the void and Tibia, and the purpose and intent of the island of Rookgaard.
My Travels (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Fat Green)Contains a story about a man who encountered some orcs and hid from them.

Seventh Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Awakening of the Gods I (Book)Book (Brown)Describes the self-creation of the Tibia Gods and explains their nature.
The Awakening of the Gods II (Book)Book (Brown)Continues the story of the creation and nature of the Tibia gods.
The Great Creation I (Book)Book (Brown)The creation of time, unifying of the elements and the gods, and the initial creation of Tibia.
The Great Creation II (Book)Book (Brown)How Zathroth attempted to destroy the creation and Tibiasula and the resulting effect on the elements.

Eighth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Birth of the Elements I (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Black)After the fiasco at the great creation, Uman and Fardos try to save Tibiasula, but the elements were affected differently than they expected, and the real creation of Tibia occurred.
The Birth of the Elements II (Book)Book (Brown)In a reaction to Zathroth's actions, Fardos joins with Fire and produces 2 children, Fafnar and Suon.
The Birth of the Elements III (Book)Book (Brown)The conflict between Fafnar and Suon. Uman joins with earth and bears the child Crunor. Plants spread out on the face of Tibia.
The Birth of the Elements IV (Book)Book (Brown)Fardos joins with air to bear the child Nornur. Nornur is jealous of Crunor and creates creatures (spiders and the such) in order to reveal himself in the shape of their webs. Uman joins with Sula to bear the child Bastesh who needed to be protected from Fafnar's envy. Bastesh is disfigured by fear and hides in the sea and is thought to create many creatures in the seas.

Ninth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The First Creatures I (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Brown Thin)Recounts the creation of the first few creatures and their magical abilities.
The First Creatures II (Book)Book (Brown)Brog continues to create different creatures and is reprimanded by Zathroth and told to create more creatures. This resulted in the creation of trolls, orcs and other malicious creatures.

Tenth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The War over the Creation I (Book)Book (Brown)Uman tries to separate from Zathroth because Zathroth is evil. The war for control of Tibia between good and evil begins.
The War over the Creation II (Book)Book (Brown)The war continues, and the orcs threaten to gain control of the entire creation. The dragons then came to claim their own right of control over the creation and defeated the orcs and cyclopes.
The War over the Creation III (Book)Book (Brown)Tibia was scattered because of the great battles. Zathroth creates Urgith (master of the undead) and the dead start to rise from their graves. Toth was born to Uman and Tibia and appointed to be guardian of the dead ones.
The War over the Creation IV (Book)Book (Brown)The ancient races are defeated, only the elves and dwarves survived deep in the forests and underground.

Eleventh Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Creation of Humans I (Book)Book (Brown)The first human is created and then more are created from his body parts.
The Creation of Humans II (Book)Book (Brown)The beginning of the wars of the unliving. And the first of the noble paladins.
The Creation of Humans III (Book)Book (Brown)Banor and the humans are able to overcome the undead hoards by summoning heroes from the portal of souls.

Twelfth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Tibia's Renewal I (Book)Book (Brown)The darkness cannot be sealed because the world was fragile and the boundaries cracked. The children of darkness waited to spread chaos over the world. Demons fight to escape their prison.
Tibia's Renewal II (Book)Book (Brown)The portal of souls still allows new heroes to enter the world, but bad spirits have also used the portal.

Sixteenth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Troll Adventure (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Red)A group discovers a large cave with trolls.
Intelligence of Orcs (Book)Book (Brown)Book (Fat Green)Exposition on the apparent intelligence of orcs, contrary to prior belief.
The Greedy Gnome (Book)Book (Black)Book (Brown)Once upon a time there was a little gnome.

Nineteenth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Advanced Hunting Tactics (Book)Book (Brown)Warning against being surrounded by large groups of creatures.


NameBook TypeShort Description
Amber's Notebook (Book)Book (Black)?
Fishing Master Certificate (Book)Document (Certificate)A certificate awarded to Santiago. Can be found in his cellar. It is a daily respawn.
Huv Stollan Match Stuf (Book)Scroll?
Mystic Portal (Book)Book (Brown)?
Omark Ikem Goshak Ba Batuk (Book)Book (Brown)?
Ork Porak (Book)Book (Brown)A war inventory of Rookgaard's Orcs.
Taka Arash Ouk Karak Minotaur (Book)Book (Brown)?
Treasure of Captain Iglue (Book)Stamped LetterIt is a daily respawn.

Removed Spawns

NameBook TypeShort Description
Minotaur Lookout (Book)ScrollA lone minotaur rues his fate after swearing in front of the holy mage.