Rookgaard Academy map

The Rookgaard Academy

The Rookgaard Academy is the building directly north of the Rookgaard temple. It contains several NPCs and areas that are helpful to beginning players. There's also a bank downstairs.

Ground floor

Here players can find the NPCs Vascalir to receive missions of the Rookie Guard Quest and Seymour, who is willing to share his knowledge of Tibia with the newcomers. For the library located here, see Rookgaard Libraries.

First floor

The Oracle

The Oracle

After reaching level 8 players can talk to The Oracle and get teleported to the Island of Destiny.

Underground floor

Rookgaard Exhibition

The exhibition

NPC Paulie runs the local bank here. You can also visit NPC Amber, an adventurer with several interesting tales to tell. There is also a exhibition where newcomers may find different objects and creatures they will find once arriving at the main continent.

Before the revamp of Rookgaard and the introduction of The Rookie Guard Quest, in underground floor there was a training room with a spider, a bug, a wolf and a troll. The key 4600 was needed to get into that room. Today this room does not exist and the key 4600 is unobtainable.

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