Rookgaard is an island located in the bay of Thais and historically the location newly created players arrive to learn basic Tibia gameplay before progressing to the less-forgiving Mainland. This responsibility was given to the more modern Dawnport to provide an experience that is more representative of the Mainland. Players can and may choose to to play Rookgaard as long as the account has at least one character on the Mainland, by talking to Inigo on Dawnport and asking to be sent to Rookgaard.

Players that reach level 8 or 9 may talk to The Oracle to be transferred to the Island of Destiny through which players receive a vocation and access to the Mainland. Some players choose to stay on Rookgaard permanently, a decision that significantly limits a character's potential.

Rookgaard characters can open the Advertising-Rookgaard Channel to advertise all kinds of things. Among others, you can trade Tibia items, advertise in-game events, seek characters for a quest or a hunting group, find members for your guild or look for somebody to help you with something.


Santiago teaches players basics of NPC interaction

With the introduction of Dawnport, the Tutorial Island became inaccessible. The tutorial used to give basic information on client controls, NPC interaction and fighting creatures. It was logged as The Beginning in the Quest Log and consisted of killing Cockroaches for Santiago, bringing branches from a dead tree to Zirella and changing outfit and trading food at Carlos.

It could be skipped by saying 'skip tutorial' to Santiago.

Rooked characters were also able to repeat the tutorial, as they used to spawn on the tutorial island with level 1 again, and all quest flags cleared.

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The Beginning Quest


Rookgaard NPCs (26 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Al Dee Al Dee.gif Equipment Shopkeeper North in Rookgaard
Amber Amber.gif Adventurer Rookgaard Academy in the resting room
An Orc Guard An Orc Guard.gif Guard Near the Orc Fortress on Rookgaard
Asralius Asralius.gif Cleric Rookgaard Temple roof
Billy Billy.gif Farmer
Rookgaard, premium side of the mill
Blind Orc Blind Orc.gif Shopkeeper Hill North of town on Rookgaard
Cipfried Cipfried.gif Cleric
Temple of Rookgaard
Dallheim Dallheim.gif Guard
The northern bridge out of Rookgaard's city
Dixi Dixi.gif Shopkeeper Rookgaard's south-east building, upstairs
Hyacinth Hyacinth.gif Magic Shopkeeper Rookgaard, atop the mountain to the northeast of the city
Lee'Delle Lee'Delle.gif Shopkeeper Rookgaard's premium west side
Lily Lily.gif Shopkeeper Southern Rookgaard.
Loui Loui.gif Cleric Rookgaard's premium side, just outside the city wall
Norma Norma.gif Barkeeper Rookgaard tavern, east of the wilderness bridge.
Obi Obi.gif Weapon Shopkeeper Rookgaard's south-eastern building in town
Paulie Paulie.gif Banker In Rookgaard under the library of Seymour
Seymour Seymour.gif Headmaster
Rookgaard Academy
The Oracle The Oracle.gif Clairvoyant Rookgaard Academy, first floor
Tom Tom.gif Tanner Rookgaard, center of the town
Vascalir Vascalir.gif Adventurer Rookgaard Academy, near Seymour
Willie Willie.gif Farmer
Rookgaard, free account side of the mill
Zerbrus Zerbrus.gif Guard
The premium bridge out of Rookgaard's city, premium side


Currently there are 21 achievements available on Rookgaard, with a total sum of 38 points. However, some of them require very rare items (i.e Die) or a lot of money to obtain them. Note that when a character is rooked, they will keep their achievements so players on Rookgaard can have any achievements obtained after Rookgaard as well.

Achievements (115)
Name Grade Points Description
Happy Farmer Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 Scythe swung over your shoulder, sun burning down on your back - you are a farmer at heart and love working in the fields. Or then again maybe you just create fancy crop circles to scare your fellow men.
Here, Fishy Fishy! Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 Ah, the smell of the sea! Standing at the shore and casting a line is one of your favourite activities. For you, fishing is relaxing - and at the same time, providing easy food. Perfect!
Hunting Permit Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 You have fully unlocked your very first monster in the cyclopedia.
Make a Wish Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 But close your eyes and don't tell anyone what you wished for, or it won't come true!
Natural Born Cowboy Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 Oh, the joy of riding! You've just got your very first own mount. Conveniently enough you don't even need stables, but can summon it any time you like.
Party Animal Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 Oh my god, it's a paaaaaaaaaaaarty! You're always in for fun, friends and booze and love being the center of attention. There's endless reasons to celebrate! Woohoo!
Rocket in Pocket Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 Either you are not a fast learner or you find some pleasure in setting yourself on fire. Or you're just looking for a fancy title. In any case, you should know that passing gas during your little donkey experiments is not recommended.
Seasoned Adventurer Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 Adventure is your middle name. You spent much time in dangerous lands and have seen things others only dream of. You know your way around in Tibia - you are a seasoned adventurer now. And your journey has only just begun!
The Cake's the Truth Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 And anyone claiming otherwise is a liar.
With a Cherry on Top Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 1 You like your cake soft, with fruity bits and a nice sugar icing. And you prefer to make them by yourself. Have you ever considered opening a bakery? You must be really good by now!
Bluebarian Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 You live the life of hunters and gatherers. Well, especially that of a gatherer, and especially of one who gathers lots of blueberries. Have you checked the colour of your tongue lately?
Fireworks in the Sky Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 You love the moment right before your rocket takes off and explodes into beautiful colours - not only on new year's eve!
I Did My Part Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 Your world is lucky to have you! You don't hesitate to jump in and help when brave heroes are called to save the world.
Number of the Beast Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 Six. Six. Six.
Snowbunny Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 Hopping, hopping through the snow - that's the funnest way to go! Making footprints in a flurry - it's more fun the more you hurry! Licking icicles all day - Winter, never go away!
The Undertaker Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 You and your shovel - a match made in heaven. Or hell, for that matter. Somewhere down below in any case. You're magically attracted by stone piles and love to open them up and see where those holes lead you. Good biceps as well.
Waverider Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 2 One thing's for sure: You definitely love swimming. Hanging out on the beach with your friends, having ice cream and playing beach ball is splashingly good fun!
Areas of Effect Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 3 Wisely contributing your resources to areas, you pushed creatures to maximum effect, allowing improved respawn for everyone! Well done!
True Colours Achievement Grade Symbol.gif 3 You and your friends showed the three wizards your loyalty three times - I am sure at least one of them is probably eternally thankful and exceedingly proud of you.
Exemplary Citizen Achievement Grade Symbol.gifAchievement Grade Symbol.gif 4 Every city should be proud to call someone like you its inhabitant. You're keeping the streets clean and help settling the usual disputes in front of the depot. Also, you probably own a cat and like hiking.
Potion Addict Achievement Grade Symbol.gifAchievement Grade Symbol.gif 4 Your local magic trader considers you one of his best customers - you usually buy large stocks of potions so you won't wake up in the middle of the night craving for more. Yet, you always seem to run out of them too fast. Cheers!


Rookgaard Creatures
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
  • This creature drops no loot.
025Physical Damage
520Physical Damage
10159 (Physical Damage, Earth Damage)
  • This creature drops no loot.
Cave Rat.gif
Cave Rat
103010 Physical Damage
1220Physical Damage
Young Troll.gif
Young Troll
123010 Physical Damage
182517 Physical Damage
182923 Physical Damage
205015 Physical Damage
Poison Spider.gif
Poison Spider
222622 (20 Physical Damage, Earth Damage)
238025 Physical Damage
243520 Physical Damage
+ 2 Earth Damage from Poison
255035 Physical Damage
Troll Guard.gif
Troll Guard
2560Physical Damage
257035 Physical Damage
355030 (17 Physical Damage, 13 Life Drain)
Orc Spearman.gif
Orc Spearman
3810555 Physical Damage
406540 Physical Damage
5010045 Physical Damage

Rookgaard Bosses and their Summons
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Weakened Demon.gif
Weakened Demon
  • This creature drops no loot.
206020 Physical Damage
355815 Physical Damage + 16 Summons
Rottie the Rotworm.gif
Rottie the Rotworm
406525 Physical Damage
708030 Physical Damage
Apprentice Sheng.gif
Apprentice Sheng
1509580+ (120+ with summons)

Creatures for Quest Purposes
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Furious Orc Berserker.gif
Furious Orc Berserker
  • This creature drops no loot.
Kraknaknork's Demon.gif
Kraknaknork's Demon
  • This creature drops no loot.
Running Elite Orc Guard.gif
Running Elite Orc Guard
  • This creature drops no loot.
Spider Queen.gif
Spider Queen
  • This creature drops no loot.
Wild Dog.gif
Wild Dog
  • This creature drops no loot.

Inaccessible Creatures
NameExpHPMax. DamageLoot
Silver Rabbit.gif
Silver Rabbit
015Physical Damage
025Physical Damage
  • This creature drops no loot.
407540 Physical Damage
8510097 (70 Physical Damage, 27 Life Drain)
Minotaur Mage.gif
Minotaur Mage
150155228 (40 Physical Damage, 105 Fire Damage, 83 Energy Damage)
150255330 (100 Physical Damage, 230 Earth Damage)
Deepsea Blood Crab.gif
Deepsea Blood Crab
180320115 Physical Damage
Wailing Widow.gif
Wailing Widow


Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet Arm: 1 22.00
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet Arm: 2 42.00
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet Arm: 2 24.50
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet Arm: 3 27.00
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet Arm: 4 39.00
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet Arm: 4 31.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Coat Coat Arm: 1 27.00
Jacket Jacket Arm: 1 24.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Doublet Doublet Arm: 2 25.00
Leather Armor Leather Armor Arm: 4 60.00
Studded Armor Studded Armor Arm: 5 71.00
Chain Armor Chain Armor Arm: 6 100.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Leather Legs Leather Legs Arm: 1 18.00
Studded Legs Studded Legs Arm: 2 26.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Sandals Sandals Arm: 0 6.00
Leather Boots Leather Boots Arm: 1 9.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield Def: 14 40.00
Studded Shield Studded Shield Def: 15 59.00
Brass Shield Brass Shield Def: 16 60.00
Plate Shield Plate Shield Def: 17 65.00
Copper Shield Copper Shield Def: 19 63.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Sickle Sickle Atk: 5, Def: 4 10.50
Hand Axe Hand Axe Atk: 10, Def: 5 18.00
Axe Axe Atk: 12, Def: 6 40.00
Hatchet Hatchet Atk: 15, Def: 8 35.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Club Club Atk: 7, Def: 7 25.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Scythe Scythe Atk: 8, Def: 3 30.00
Studded Club Studded Club Atk: 9, Def: 8 35.00
Bone Club Bone Club Atk: 12, Def: 8 39.00
Mace Mace Atk: 16, Def: 11 38.00

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Knife Knife Atk: 5, Def: 5 4.20
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword Atk: 7, Def: 7 20.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Combat Knife Combat Knife Atk: 8, Def: 6 8.70
Dagger Dagger Atk: 8, Def: 6 9.50
Rapier Rapier Atk: 10, Def: 8 +1 15.00
Short Sword Short Sword Atk: 11, Def: 11 35.00
Machete Machete Atk: 12, Def: 9 16.50
Sabre Sabre Atk: 12, Def: 10 +1 25.00
Sword Sword Atk: 14, Def: 12 +1 35.00
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword Atk: 15, Def: 13 +1 40.00
Katana Katana Atk: 16, Def: 12 +1 31.00

Distance Weapons
Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Spear Spear Range: 3, Atk: 25, Def: 0, Stackable 20.00
Bow Bow Range: 6 31.00
Arrow Arrow Atk: 25, Stackable 0.70
Poison Arrow Poison Arrow Atk: 23, Stackable 0.80
Small Stone Small Stone Range: 4, Atk: 5, Def: 0, Stackable 3.60
Snowball Snowball Range: 6, Atk: 0, Def: 0, Stackable 0.80

Amulets and Necklaces
Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet Protection earth +10% 5.00
Bronze Amulet Bronze Amulet Protection mana drain +20% 5.00
Garlic Necklace Garlic Necklace Protection life drain +20% 3.80

Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Star Ring Star Ring faster regeneration 0.80
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.


Rookgaard Food by Regain / Oz
Name Attrib Weight (oz) Regain (sec) Regain/Oz Dropped By
Meat Meat.gif stackable
13.00 180 14
Ham Ham.gif stackable
20.00 360 18
Bread Bread.gif stackable
5.00 120 24
Cake Cake.gif stackable
5.00 120 24
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Cheese Cheese.gif stackable
4.00 108 27
Fish Fish.gif stackable
5.20 144 28
Cake (Decorated) Cake (Decorated).gif stackable
6.00 180 30
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Salmon Salmon.gif stackable
3.20 120 38
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Red Apple Red Apple.gif stackable
1.50 72 48
Banana Banana.gif stackable
1.80 96 53
Blueberry Blueberry.gif stackable
0.20 12 60
Carrot Carrot.gif stackable
1.60 96 60
Cherry Cherry.gif stackable
0.20 12 60
Coloured Egg (Blue) Coloured Egg (Blue).gif stackable
0.30 72 240
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Coloured Egg (Green) Coloured Egg (Green).gif stackable
0.30 72 240
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Coloured Egg (Purple) Coloured Egg (Purple).gif stackable
0.30 72 240
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Coloured Egg (Red) Coloured Egg (Red).gif stackable
0.30 72 240
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Coloured Egg (Yellow) Coloured Egg (Yellow).gif stackable
0.30 72 240
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Cookie Cookie.gif stackable
0.10 24 240
Egg Egg.gif stackable
0.30 72 240
White Mushroom White Mushroom.gif stackable
0.40 108 270
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom.gif stackable
0.20 264 1320
Lump of Dough Lump of Dough.gif stackable
1.00 Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Lump of Cake Dough Lump of Cake Dough.gif stackable
1.00 Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
Party Cake Party Cake.gif stackable
7.00 0 0
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Other Items

See Rookgaard Items for other Rookgaard items like containers, creature products, liquids, tools and items that are no longer obtainable.


Sword of Fury

Sword of Fury

On a tiny island to the north-west of the Rookgaard town (here), there lies a Spike Sword called the Sword of Fury. Players are able to make it disappear by walking on switches hidden in the ground, but nobody has ever managed to capture it. The sign standing next to the island says 'Only the humble one may touch the Sword Of Fury'. It is rumoured that after making the sword disappear, it spawns somewhere else on the island. Some believe it has connection with a hidden lever in the Tom's shop.

Maze of Fury

A sign saying 'Maze of Fury' and a hole can be seen (here) in a cave in the premium area of Rookgaard, but it is not possible to get there as there are stalagmites blocking the way and the entrance hole is covered with unmoveable stones. Some say it has relation with the Sword of Fury.

Mysterious minotaurs

The Minotaur Mountain

A book in the Minotaur Hell (here) says the Minotaur Mage locked himself up. NPC Avar Tar claims this minotaur mage is frightened of him and that's why he has locked himself up in a room. The Minotaur Mage is also rumoured to have a connection with the lonely minotaur standing on a mountain (here) near the Sword of Fury.

The mysterious Minotaur Mage should not be confused with Apprentice Sheng, a Minotaur Mage boss that also appears in the Minotaur Hell.

The Ghoul

There are rumours that it is possible to get to the Ghoul in the Kendram Benson's grave (grave here and ghoul trapped here).

The Blind Orc

Some say the Blind Orc (here) can forge iron into valuable items.

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