Player: hi
Romir: Greetings, traveller. I'm a magical trader and trainer for sorcerer spells. How may I help you?
Player: trade
trader Romir: Of course, just browse through my wares. Or do you want to look only at potions, wands or runes?
Player: spells
Romir: I can teach you rune spells and instant spells. What kind of spell do you wish to learn? You can also tell me for which level you would like to learn a spell, if you prefer that.
Player: name
Romir: I am known as Romir.
Player: job
Romir: I guess one could call me a hermit. I am a bit new to this hermit business though and I have to admit I enjoy some company now and then. I also earn some money by teaching spells to those in search of knowledge.
Player: jarl or leader
Romir: The title of the jarl is currently held by Sven the Younger. He is the spokesperson of his people in times of peace and a kind of chieftain in times of war.
Player: king
Romir: Not even the king's arm reaches this remote place.
Player: queen
Romir: I doubt the queen even knows that this place exists.
Player: Thais
Romir: Thais is a good example why people should become hermits.
Player: Carlin
Romir: Carlin is probably more tolerable than Thais but I am no friend of cities in general.
Player: Venore
Romir: Venore is so absorbed in mundane wealth that it is only a matter of time before it devours itself.
Player: Edron or Port Hope
Romir: Such far away places are of little importance here.
Player: Svargrond
Romir: I prefer loneliness over the busy hassle in a city. I guess that's why they call us hermits after all.
Player: monsters
Romir: My spells keep most monsters at bay. Not that many would come close to Svargrond anyway.
Player: enemies
Romir: I am not interesting enough for possible enemies.
Player: Elf
Romir: The elves have no business at all over here.
Player: Dwarf
Romir: Dwarfs are quite settled. Even if the mines were recaptured, I doubt that we would see more than a handful of dwarfs here.
Player: Bonelords
Romir: I would not be too surprised if that ancient race were found in some deep cave, even here in the North.
Player: Yeti
Romir: The most yetis have been seen further south. Of course only because they are much more easily overlooked in the rugged mountains and huge snow plains here.
Player: Chakoya
Romir: The chakoyas are of a malicious intelligence which is quite similar to humans'. Only the fact that they still rely on instinctive behaviour patterns keeps them somewhat at bay.
Player: ice witch
Romir: That woman is a powerful spell caster. She rules with an iron hand. Her tactics are intimidation and agitation. It's only a question of time that she is going to wage a rigorous attack on Svargrond, driven by her greed.
Player: year of the serpents
Romir: Ah yes. An odd occurrence. I am quite convinced some strong magic was involved but I have no idea how or why.
Player: news
Romir: If I cared about news, I hadn't chosen this remote spot to settle down.
Player: gods
Romir: The eyes of the gods certainly rest even on this icy place.
Player: Uman
Romir: Uman stands for a quite specified kind of magic. Not everyone will feel comfortable with it.
Player: Zathroth
Romir: The forbidden knowledge Zathroth has to offer can surely be tempting.
Player: Banor
Romir: Banor is revered by many knights.
Player: how are you
Romir: I am fine, thank you.
Player: druids
Romir: The druids have more in common with the shamans
Player: Ferumbras
Romir: One has to admit the power he accumulated is awesome and he even left mortality behind.
Player: Excalibug
Romir: There is no legend that connects excalibug with the north. I suggest to continue your search somewhere else.
Player: barbarians
Romir: The barbarians are a bit rough, but most of them are honest and trustworthy people.
Player: cult
Romir: There something sinister going on and I am quite sure this cult you just mentioned is somehow connected to it.
Player: mines
Romir: All this hassle about these mines seems so stupid. As if this had been the only place with ore in the world.
Player: Nibelor
Romir: That's the place where the shamans meet. It's some kind of spiritual centre of the shaman community.
Player: shamans
Romir: The local shamans are as powerful as some of the druids of Carlin, perhaps even more powerful. Their magic is strangely related to each other and their main difference is their philosophy.
Player: raiders
Romir: The raiders are lead by a ruthless witch. That makes them even more dangerous.
Player: camps
Romir: South of here, the raiders have at least three more or less steady camps.
Player: join or barbarian test
Romir: There is some kind of test you can take to become an honourary barbarian. Talk to Sven the Younger about that issue.
Player: Chyll
Romir: The barbarians see the icy north wind as an own entity. I think they might be right about that.

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