Player: hi
Rodney: Greetings, Player. Can I help you?
Player: job
Rodney: I sell some local fruits.
Player: name
Rodney: My name is Rodney.
Player: time
Rodney: It is 4:41 pm right now.
Player: king or Tibianus
Rodney: King Tibianus! May the gods bless him!
Player: Tibia
Rodney: I have seen only little of it.
Player: buy
Rodney: I can offer some of the local fruits.
Player: army
Rodney: I am glad that the Thaian garrison is here to protect us.
Player: amazons
Rodney: Rumour goes that some amazons, who where banished from Carlin, took refuge near the swamps.
Player: Ferumbras
Rodney: Sounds like the name of a foreign soup to me.
Player: Excalibug
Rodney: What is that? Is it tasty?
Player: Edron
Rodney: Our climate is quite rough, so we can only grow wheat here, but no fruits.
Player: Thais
Rodney: The Thaian protectorate serves our beloved Venore well.
Player: fruits
Rodney: I have apples, cherries, grapes, and pears. What would you like?
Player: bye
23:43 Rodney: Good bye, Player.
Player: hi
Rodney: Greetings, Player. Can I help you?
Rodney: Good bye, Player.

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