You see Roderick
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Post office, first floor, in Underwood


He is King Tibianus' ambassador to Ab'Dendriel.


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Player: hi
Roderick: Salutations Player.
Player: name
Roderick: I am Roderick of Thais, commoner.
Player: job
Roderick: I am ambassador of our beloved king, Tibianus III.
Player: Olrik
Roderick: He is my servant and responsible for the mail. I wish he would not spent so much time with elven ladies and work harder.
Player: Tibianus
Roderick: Our beloved ruler seeks friendship and peace with the elves of Ab'Dendriel.
Player: elves
Roderick: Though there are differences, I am sure we can live in peace and harmony with that noble race.
Player: magic
Roderick: I am impressed by the magic the elves are able to wield. Many of them can cast and even teach spells.
Player: druid
Roderick: The elven magic is somewhat similar to that of the druids.
Player: sorcerer
Roderick: Perhaps Thaian sorcerers can teach the elves their magic in exchange for knowledge of that noble race.
Player: Kazordoon
Roderick: The dwarves are very dilligent and crafty people. Our contracts with Kazordoon asure the best for both of our races.
Player: Carlin
Roderick: We are watching their relations with Ab'Dendriel closely.
Player: Venore
Roderick: The tradesmen of venore show great interest in trade contracts with the elves.
Player: Crunor
Roderick: I am not familiar enough with the different faithes to discuss them properly.
Player: Teshial
Roderick: They hardly seem more then an elven myth.
Player: time
Roderick: Ask someone else.
Player: Deraisim
Roderick: I look forward to improve our relations with them.
Player: troll
Roderick: I heared about them working in the local mines.
Player: Excalibug
Roderick: A nice myth but nothing more.
Playr: bye
Roderick: Farewell.

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