You see Rock in a Hard Place
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    Central Gray Beach, on a mountain


    Together with the other Rockboys, he is guarding Gray Beach.
    He trades magical stuff, local equipment, weapons, armor, ammunition, post things and creature products.

    Trade Details


    Axe.gifAxe7 Gold
    Battle Axe.gifBattle Axe80 Gold
    Battle Hammer.gifBattle Hammer120 Gold
    Battle Shield.gifBattle Shield95 Gold
    Bone Club.gifBone Club5 Gold
    Bone Sword.gifBone Sword20 Gold
    Bow.gifBow100 Gold
    Brass Armor.gifBrass Armor150 Gold
    Brass Helmet.gifBrass Helmet30 Gold
    Brass Legs.gifBrass Legs49 Gold
    Brass Shield.gifBrass Shield25 Gold
    Calopteryx Cape.gifCalopteryx Cape15,000 Gold
    Carapace Shield.gifCarapace Shield32,000 Gold
    Carlin Sword.gifCarlin Sword118 Gold
    Chain Armor.gifChain Armor70 Gold
    Chain Helmet.gifChain Helmet17 Gold
    Chain Legs.gifChain Legs25 Gold
    Closed Trap.gifClosed Trap75 Gold
    Club.gifClub1 Gold
    Coat.gifCoat1 Gold
    Compound Eye.gifCompound Eye150 Gold
    Copper Shield.gifCopper Shield50 Gold
    Crawler Head Plating.gifCrawler Head Plating210 Gold
    Crossbow.gifCrossbow120 Gold
    Crowbar.gifCrowbar50 Gold
    Dagger.gifDagger2 Gold
    Deepling Axe.gifDeepling Axe40,000 Gold
    Deepling Breaktime Snack.gifDeepling Breaktime Snack90 Gold
    Deepling Claw.gifDeepling Claw430 Gold
    Deepling Guard Belt Buckle.gifDeepling Guard Belt Buckle230 Gold
    Deepling Ridge.gifDeepling Ridge360 Gold
    Deepling Scales.gifDeepling Scales80 Gold
    Deepling Squelcher.gifDeepling Squelcher7,000 Gold
    Deepling Staff.gifDeepling Staff4,000 Gold
    Deepling Warts.gifDeepling Warts180 Gold
    Deeptags.gifDeeptags290 Gold
    Depth Calcei.gifDepth Calcei25,000 Gold
    Depth Galea.gifDepth Galea35,000 Gold
    Depth Lorica.gifDepth Lorica30,000 Gold
    Depth Ocrea.gifDepth Ocrea16,000 Gold
    Depth Scutum.gifDepth Scutum36,000 Gold
    Double Axe.gifDouble Axe260 Gold
    Doublet.gifDoublet3 Gold
    Dung Ball.gifDung Ball130 Gold
    Dwarven Shield.gifDwarven Shield100 Gold
    Empty Potion Flask (Large).gifEmpty Potion Flask (Large)5 Gold
    Empty Potion Flask (Medium).gifEmpty Potion Flask (Medium)5 Gold
    Empty Potion Flask (Small).gifEmpty Potion Flask (Small)5 Gold
    Eye of a Deepling.gifEye of a Deepling150 Gold
    Fire Sword.gifFire Sword1,000 Gold
    Fishing Rod.gifFishing Rod40 Gold
    Grasshopper Legs.gifGrasshopper Legs15,000 Gold
    Guardian Axe.gifGuardian Axe9,000 Gold
    Halberd.gifHalberd400 Gold
    Hand Axe.gifHand Axe4 Gold
    Hatchet.gifHatchet25 Gold
    Hive Bow.gifHive Bow28,000 Gold
    Hive Scythe.gifHive Scythe17,000 Gold
    Iron Helmet.gifIron Helmet150 Gold
    Jacket.gifJacket1 Gold
    Katana.gifKatana35 Gold
    Key to the Drowned Library.gifKey to the Drowned Library330 Gold
    Kollos Shell.gifKollos Shell420 Gold
    Leather Armor.gifLeather Armor12 Gold
    Leather Boots.gifLeather Boots2 Gold
    Leather Helmet.gifLeather Helmet4 Gold
    Leather Legs.gifLeather Legs9 Gold
    Legion Helmet.gifLegion Helmet22 Gold
    Longsword.gifLongsword51 Gold
    Mace.gifMace30 Gold
    Machete.gifMachete6 Gold
    Morning Star.gifMorning Star100 Gold
    Necklace of the Deep.gifNecklace of the Deep3,000 Gold
    Orcish Axe.gifOrcish Axe350 Gold
    Ornate Chestplate.gifOrnate Chestplate60,000 Gold
    Ornate Crossbow.gifOrnate Crossbow12,000 Gold
    Ornate Legs.gifOrnate Legs40,000 Gold
    Ornate Mace.gifOrnate Mace42,000 Gold
    Ornate Shield.gifOrnate Shield42,000 Gold
    Pick.gifPick15 Gold
    Plate Armor.gifPlate Armor400 Gold
    Plate Legs.gifPlate Legs115 Gold
    Plate Shield.gifPlate Shield45 Gold
    Rapier.gifRapier5 Gold
    Rope.gifRope15 Gold
    Sabre.gifSabre12 Gold
    Scale Armor.gifScale Armor75 Gold
    Scythe.gifScythe10 Gold
    Short Sword.gifShort Sword10 Gold
    Shovel.gifShovel8 Gold
    Sickle.gifSickle3 Gold
    Small Axe.gifSmall Axe5 Gold
    Soldier Helmet.gifSoldier Helmet16 Gold
    Spear.gifSpear3 Gold
    Spellsinger's Seal.gifSpellsinger's Seal280 Gold
    Spidris Mandible.gifSpidris Mandible450 Gold
    Spike Sword.gifSpike Sword240 Gold
    Spitter Nose.gifSpitter Nose340 Gold
    Steel Helmet.gifSteel Helmet293 Gold
    Steel Shield.gifSteel Shield80 Gold
    Studded Armor.gifStudded Armor25 Gold
    Studded Club.gifStudded Club10 Gold
    Studded Helmet.gifStudded Helmet20 Gold
    Studded Legs.gifStudded Legs15 Gold
    Studded Shield.gifStudded Shield16 Gold
    Swampling Club.gifSwampling Club40 Gold
    Swarmer Antenna.gifSwarmer Antenna130 Gold
    Sword.gifSword25 Gold
    Throwing Knife.gifThrowing Knife2 Gold
    Two Handed Sword.gifTwo Handed Sword450 Gold
    Vial.gifVial5 Gold
    Viking Helmet.gifViking Helmet66 Gold
    Viking Shield.gifViking Shield85 Gold
    War Hammer.gifWar Hammer470 Gold
    Warrior's Axe.gifWarrior's Axe11,000 Gold
    Warrior's Shield.gifWarrior's Shield9,000 Gold
    Waspoid Claw.gifWaspoid Claw320 Gold
    Waspoid Wing.gifWaspoid Wing190 Gold
    Watch.gifWatch6 Gold
    Wooden Hammer.gifWooden Hammer15 Gold
    Wooden Shield.gifWooden Shield5 Gold


    Animate Dead Rune.gifAnimate Dead Rune375 Gold
    Arrow.gifArrow3 Gold
    Avalanche Rune.gifAvalanche Rune57 Gold
    Axe.gifAxe20 Gold
    Backpack.gifBackpack20 Gold
    Basket.gifBasket6 Gold
    Battle Axe.gifBattle Axe235 Gold
    Battle Hammer.gifBattle Hammer350 Gold
    Blank Rune.gifBlank Rune10 Gold
    Blue Quiver.gifBlue Quiver400 Gold
    Bolt.gifBolt4 Gold
    Bone Sword.gifBone Sword75 Gold
    Bottle.gifBottle3 Gold
    Bow.gifBow400 Gold
    Brass Armor.gifBrass Armor450 Gold
    Brass Helmet.gifBrass Helmet120 Gold
    Brass Legs.gifBrass Legs195 Gold
    Brass Shield.gifBrass Shield65 Gold
    Bucket.gifBucket4 Gold
    Candelabrum.gifCandelabrum8 Gold
    Candlestick.gifCandlestick2 Gold
    Carlin Sword.gifCarlin Sword473 Gold
    Chain Armor.gifChain Armor200 Gold
    Chain Helmet.gifChain Helmet52 Gold
    Chain Legs.gifChain Legs80 Gold
    Chameleon Rune.gifChameleon Rune210 Gold
    Closed Trap.gifClosed Trap280 Gold
    Club.gifClub5 Gold
    Coat.gifCoat8 Gold
    Convince Creature Rune.gifConvince Creature Rune80 Gold
    Crossbow.gifCrossbow500 Gold
    Crowbar.gifCrowbar260 Gold
    Crystalline Arrow.gifCrystalline Arrow20 Gold
    Cure Poison Rune (Item).gifCure Poison Rune (Item)65 Gold
    Dagger.gifDagger5 Gold
    Destroy Field Rune.gifDestroy Field Rune15 Gold
    Diamond Arrow.gifDiamond Arrow100 Gold
    Disintegrate Rune.gifDisintegrate Rune26 Gold
    Doublet.gifDoublet16 Gold
    Drill Bolt.gifDrill Bolt12 Gold
    Dwarven Shield.gifDwarven Shield500 Gold
    Earth Arrow.gifEarth Arrow5 Gold
    Energy Bomb Rune.gifEnergy Bomb Rune203 Gold
    Energy Field Rune.gifEnergy Field Rune38 Gold
    Energy Wall Rune.gifEnergy Wall Rune85 Gold
    Envenomed Arrow.gifEnvenomed Arrow12 Gold
    Explosion Rune.gifExplosion Rune31 Gold
    Fire Bomb Rune.gifFire Bomb Rune147 Gold
    Fire Field Rune.gifFire Field Rune28 Gold
    Fire Wall Rune.gifFire Wall Rune61 Gold
    Fireball Rune.gifFireball Rune30 Gold
    Fishing Rod.gifFishing Rod150 Gold
    Flaming Arrow.gifFlaming Arrow5 Gold
    Flash Arrow.gifFlash Arrow5 Gold
    Great Fireball Rune.gifGreat Fireball Rune57 Gold
    Great Health Potion.gifGreat Health Potion225 Gold
    Great Mana Potion.gifGreat Mana Potion144 Gold
    Great Spirit Potion.gifGreat Spirit Potion228 Gold
    Hand Auger.gifHand Auger25 Gold
    Hand Axe.gifHand Axe8 Gold
    Health Potion.gifHealth Potion50 Gold
    Heavy Magic Missile Rune.gifHeavy Magic Missile Rune12 Gold
    Holy Missile Rune.gifHoly Missile Rune16 Gold
    Icicle Rune.gifIcicle Rune30 Gold
    Intense Healing Rune (Item).gifIntense Healing Rune (Item)95 Gold
    Iron Helmet.gifIron Helmet390 Gold
    Jacket.gifJacket12 Gold
    Label.gifLabel1 Gold
    Leather Armor.gifLeather Armor35 Gold
    Leather Boots.gifLeather Boots10 Gold
    Leather Helmet.gifLeather Helmet12 Gold
    Leather Legs.gifLeather Legs10 Gold
    Letter.gifLetter8 Gold
    Light Magic Missile Rune.gifLight Magic Missile Rune4 Gold
    Longsword.gifLongsword160 Gold
    Mace.gifMace90 Gold
    Machete.gifMachete35 Gold
    Magic Wall Rune.gifMagic Wall Rune116 Gold
    Mana Potion.gifMana Potion56 Gold
    Morning Star.gifMorning Star430 Gold
    Net (Fishing).gifNet (Fishing)50 Gold
    Onyx Arrow.gifOnyx Arrow7 Gold
    Paralyse Rune.gifParalyse Rune700 Gold
    Parcel.gifParcel15 Gold
    Pick.gifPick50 Gold
    Piercing Bolt.gifPiercing Bolt5 Gold
    Plate Armor.gifPlate Armor1,200 Gold
    Plate Shield.gifPlate Shield125 Gold
    Poison Bomb Rune.gifPoison Bomb Rune85 Gold
    Poison Field Rune.gifPoison Field Rune21 Gold
    Poison Wall Rune.gifPoison Wall Rune52 Gold
    Power Bolt.gifPower Bolt7 Gold
    Present.gifPresent10 Gold
    Prismatic Bolt.gifPrismatic Bolt20 Gold
    Quiver.gifQuiver400 Gold
    Rapier.gifRapier15 Gold
    Red Quiver.gifRed Quiver400 Gold
    Rope.gifRope50 Gold
    Royal Spear.gifRoyal Spear15 Gold
    Sabre.gifSabre35 Gold
    Scale Armor.gifScale Armor260 Gold
    Scythe.gifScythe50 Gold
    Shiver Arrow.gifShiver Arrow5 Gold
    Short Sword.gifShort Sword26 Gold
    Shovel.gifShovel50 Gold
    Sickle.gifSickle7 Gold
    Sniper Arrow.gifSniper Arrow5 Gold
    Soldier Helmet.gifSoldier Helmet110 Gold
    Soulfire Rune.gifSoulfire Rune46 Gold
    Spear.gifSpear9 Gold
    Spectral Bolt.gifSpectral Bolt70 Gold
    Spike Sword.gifSpike Sword8,000 Gold
    Stalagmite Rune.gifStalagmite Rune12 Gold
    Steel Helmet.gifSteel Helmet580 Gold
    Steel Shield.gifSteel Shield240 Gold
    Stone Shower Rune.gifStone Shower Rune37 Gold
    Strong Health Potion.gifStrong Health Potion115 Gold
    Strong Mana Potion.gifStrong Mana Potion93 Gold
    Studded Armor.gifStudded Armor90 Gold
    Studded Helmet.gifStudded Helmet63 Gold
    Studded Legs.gifStudded Legs50 Gold
    Studded Shield.gifStudded Shield50 Gold
    Sudden Death Rune.gifSudden Death Rune135 Gold
    Supreme Health Potion.gifSupreme Health Potion625 Gold
    Sword.gifSword85 Gold
    Tarsal Arrow.gifTarsal Arrow6 Gold
    Throwing Knife.gifThrowing Knife25 Gold
    Throwing Star.gifThrowing Star42 Gold
    Thunderstorm Rune.gifThunderstorm Rune47 Gold
    Torch.gifTorch2 Gold
    Two Handed Sword.gifTwo Handed Sword950 Gold
    Ultimate Healing Rune (Item).gifUltimate Healing Rune (Item)175 Gold
    Ultimate Health Potion.gifUltimate Health Potion379 Gold
    Ultimate Mana Potion.gifUltimate Mana Potion438 Gold
    Ultimate Spirit Potion.gifUltimate Spirit Potion438 Gold
    Viking Helmet.gifViking Helmet265 Gold
    Viking Shield.gifViking Shield260 Gold
    Vortex Bolt.gifVortex Bolt6 Gold
    War Hammer.gifWar Hammer10,000 Gold
    Watch.gifWatch20 Gold
    Wild Growth Rune.gifWild Growth Rune160 Gold
    Wooden Shield.gifWooden Shield15 Gold
    Worm.gifWorm1 Gold