Player: hi
Robert: Hello, Player! Nice to see you, welcome to my {weapon} shop.
Player: name
Robert: My name is Robert.
Player: job
Robert: I am responsible for the trade with weapons and armor here in the arena. I constantly beg my superior Bertha to give me some other job or, even better, to send me back to Carlin but the cold seems to have frozen her heart.
Player: weapon
Robert: I have many weapons to offer, including bows, crossbows and ammunition. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a {trade}.
Player: armor
Robert: I am selling leather, chain, and brass armor. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a {trade}.
Player: legs
Robert: I am selling chain legs. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a {trade}.
Player: mission or task
Robert: No, I don't have anything to do for you.
Player: king
Robert: I heard they have a king in Thais.
Player: queen
Robert: If only our beloved queen would know what dangers we have to face here. I am sure she would call us back to the safety of Carlin.
Player: gods
Robert: I daily pray to the gods to protect me from harm. I still believe in a wonder to come which will get me back to Carlin.
Player: druids
Robert: If there were some more druids around with all their awesome healing powers, I'd feel more comfortable.
Player: shamans
Robert: They are the local witch doctors. I'd rather wait for the rare visit of a druid from Carlin than to put my life in the hands of one of those people.
Player: Ferumbras
Robert: Shush! Don't speak that name aloud. It might call him here.
Player: Excalibug
Robert: Sorry, I think we are out of stock.
Player: news
Robert: The good news are: I got not killed by some drunken barbarian or unskilled axe thrower. The bad news are: I am still stranded here.
Player: offer
Robert: My offers are weapons, ammunition, armors, helmets, legs, and shields. If you'd like to see my offers, ask me for a {trade}.
Player: Carlin
Robert: Oh sweet Carlin, when will I see you again?
Player: Edron
Robert: Edron is in the other end of the world. I wish I were there.
Player: Port Hope
Robert: Port Hope and its cannibal orcs is almost as bad as Svargrond.
Player: Thais
Robert: Even Thais could not be worse than this frozen hell hole here.
Player: Venore
Robert: Jessica says they have agents everywhere. I wonder if they try to kill me to hinder our trade here ...
Robert: Since the day I spoke with Jessica, I sleep under my bed, just to be on the safe side.
Player: Svargrond
Robert: Sure it looks peaceful, but to be honest, those wild barbarians are scary.
Player: dwarf
Robert: You know, I thought dwarfs were rude drunkards. However, that was before I met the people here.
Player: elf
Robert: Elves are strange creatures. I heard each of them can cast spells and curses. Every time an elf is looking in my direction, it gives me shivers.
Player: chakoya
Robert: For all I heard, the palisades won't stop them when they come at night to kidnap sleeping people and to eat them alive.
Player: yeti
Robert: Yetis are huge, but perfectly camouflaged in the snow. They attack out of nowhere and before you can scream you are dead.
Player: cult
Robert: I don't know what you mean.
Player: jarl
Robert: The local jarl is a fine man, measured by local standards that is. Still he can't bring me back from the dead when some of the barbarians go berserk and kill me.
Player: raiders
Robert: The raiders are even wilder and, well ... more barbaric than the local barbarians. Can you imagine?!
Player: mines
Robert: The mines are lost. If only the people in Carlin were to accept that and call us back.
Player: Chyll
Robert: That is some spirit the barbarians seem to fear.
Player: Nibelor
Robert: It's a haunted isle where the shamans call spirits and such to our world.
Player: years of serpents
Robert: If those sea serpents had not vanished, I could still sit in the warm and safe Carlin. Cursed serpents.
Player: how are you?
Robert: Oh, don't even ask.
Player: bye
Robert: Good bye, Player.

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