Roaring Lion.gif
You see a roaring lion.
  • Groarrrr! Rwarrrr!
  • Growl!


Lions are beasts of prey that dwell in the deserts and savannahs of Tibia. They live together in prides and are dangerous predators, because they are very quick and try to kill their prey with a single bite. The lion is a popular symbol of royalty as well as of courage and bravery. The Roaring Lion fits this image perfectly. This majestic and powerful animal is a special type of lion that prefers to dwell in caves and ruins rather than in the desert. Not only are they bigger and stronger than ordinary lions, they also vary in appearance and behavior. Their fur has a golden shimmer and their eyes remind of shiny jewels. Also they act in a more intelligent way when preying and therefore are more dangerous than the customary lion. Some sages think the Roaring Lions are a sort of mystical beings from olden times because they are so often found in the ruins of ancient sanctuaries or buried temples. Whether they are the wardens of these sacred sites or were themselves a subject of worship is a secret that has still to be revealed.


Melee (0-121+).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Lion's Rock a few floors down.


Fights until death.


All Vocations be at least Level 40+ as you will also be running into Ancient Scarabs. It is recommend for Mages & Paladin to bring energy bomb/walls as the Roaring Lions & Ancient Scarabs must walk around it.


(Loot Statistics)

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