A powerful ancient weapon meant to be sleeping forever has awoken deep under Vengoth. Portals all over the world lead to fragments of its shattered soul. With thirst for revenge and burning rage she will destroy the world - unless you fight her back.



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This World Quest starts on September 1, and lasts for up to 7 days (until the server save on the 7th). During this time players on a whole world have to co-operate in order to be successful. If the world succeeds, it will benefit from +50% health and mana regeneration until the end of September.

Required Equipment

  • Hunting supplies
  • Team work


Stage 1

After the server save on September 1, travel to Vengoth and enter the energy gate on the surface by the eastern mountain (here) to Devovorga's lair. You will find the NPC A Beautiful Girl - Devovorga in her human form. To wake Devovorga you must talk to her an uncertain amount of times with uncertain intervals between them.

When A Beautiful Girl wakes, Devovorga will spawn in the lair. She can be damaged in this form, but she will not die. 30 minutes after Devovorga spawns, the server will broadcast a message:

Something is rumbling deep underground all over the world.

At this point, Devovorga becomes immune, and the 5 portals that have appeared all over the Tibia continent will now function, leading to Devovorga's incarnations' lairs.

Incarnation Boss Levels Location
Soul Anmothra 20-40 Plains of Havoc, here
Fury Irahsae 40-60 Drefia, here
Dark Knowledge Teneshpar 40-80 Folda, here
Power Chikhaton 70+ Edron, here
Hatred Phrodomo 70+ Ghostlands, here

Stage 2

The server must slay all five of Devovorga's incarnations at once and leave the room to progress to stage 3. However, the world cannot progress to Stage 3 until at the second day of event. This is to allow more players to participate by killing the incarnations and claim rewards.

The incarnations respawn 5 minutes after being killed, so this is the time span the world has to kill all of them.

The server message The incarnations of Devovorga have been thrown back into their abyss! The threat ain't over yet. Watch out! will trigger once your world manages to kill all incarnations at the same time span.

Stage 3

Stage 3 will begin between 8 and 14 hours after the next server save once Stage 2 is completed.

Blooms of Doom will now spawn in Devovorga's lair below Vengoth. Kill these with distance attacks because standing next to them will result in your death. Spawns of Devovorga will spawn when the blooms are slain. Kill these and everyone in the area will be teleported to the previous area. Go down the hole again and kill the Spawns of Devovorga again.

The incarnations will now spawn in their lairs again, and for each incarnation that is killed a new Spawn of Devovorga will spawn in her lair. The world must slay these again at the same time as in stage 2. When this is done, all players in Devovorga's lair will be teleported to the area above again. They must go back and slay the Blooms of Doom and the Vulnerable Cocoons. When this is done, Devovorga will spawn again. This time, she will be stronger but not immortal.

Focus all your firepower on Devovorga. When Devovorga is slain, the energy gate in her lair, and all the incarnation portals will lead to the reward room for those who have participated in the event.


Soul Portal - Plains of Havoc - Level 20 to 40



Fury Portal - Drefia - Level 40 to 60

  • Located in the northern section of Drefia, west shore.
  • Iraesae deals a lot of damage. A knight near level 60 will be needed to block.


Dark Knowledge Portal - Folda - Level 40 to 80

  • Located on the west side of Folda.
  • Teneshpar is immune to physical and makes you drunk. You will need a mage to kill it.


Power Portal - Edron - Level 70+

  • Located north of Stonehome.
  • Chikhaton is a simple boss for 70+. He's slow and fairly weak, but it is not recommended to solo him (due to his heals).


Hatred Portal - Ghostlands - Level 70+


Server Messages

During the quest messages will appear for the entire world to see such as:

Log-in Messages

These messages will appear on your Server Log when you log in and can be used to find out on which stage your world is.

  • Something is rumbling deep underground all over the world. - Meaning that the quest is beginning and Devovorga has appeared.
  • An unknown evil is dwelling deep under Vengoth and strange portals have appeared all over the world... - Minibosses are spawning, first day of event.
  • You might still be able to stop the evil entity that has awoken deep under Vengoth - but there is not much time left! - Minibosses are spawning, second day onward.
  • The shattered incarnations of Devovorga reassemble step by step. They will rise again sooner or later. Be prepared! - Third stage has began.

When your world has defeated the Devovorga you will see all the below messages:

  • Thanks to the mighty and fearless Tibians who drove Devovorga back into her abyss, your regeneration has been improved.
  • You made it - Devovorga, the incredibly powerful weapon sealed deep below Vengoth, was destroyed.
  • Upon her death, energy was released all over the world - the next month, it will boost your health and mana regeneration.
  • Congratulations, Tibians!

Boss Messages

These messages appear as the event progresses.

  • Devovorga has awoken. - The immortal version of Devovorga spawns and Stage 2 begins (mini bosses will spawn in 30 minutes).
  • The soul of Devovorga has risen again. - Means that the incarnation Anmothra at the Plains of Havoc has reappeared.
  • The fury of Devovorga has risen again. - Means that the incarnation Irahsae at Drefia has reappeared.
  • The dark Knowledge of Devovorga has risen again. - Means that the incarnation Teneshpar at Folda has reappeared.
  • The power of Devovorga has risen again. - Means that the incarnation Chikhaton at Edron has reappeared.
  • The hatred of Devovorga has risen again. - Means that the incarnation Phrodomo at the Ghostlands has reappeared.
  • The incarnations of Devovorga have been thrown back into their abyss! The threat ain't over yet. Watch out! - Appears when all 5 incarnations are killed at the same time during Stage 2.

During Stage 3 the following messages are broadcast:

  • The mutation of Devovorga goes on! Fight her back! - Stage 3 has started.
  • The mutation of Devovorga has been stopped - but her essence was shattered once again and formed incarnations! - Spawns of Devovorga have been killed the first time and incarnations will spawn again.
  • The incarnations of Devovorga have been thrown back into their abyss! - All incarnations have been killed at the same time again.
  • You destroyed Devovorga's cocoon - but not in time to stop her transformation. Kill her - or the world as you know it will end. - The Vulnerable Cocoon has been killed. Devovorga spawns now.
  • Devovorga is raging!

Individual Rewards

Inside the reward room.

To gain access to the reward room, players must sufficiently contribute to slaying Devovorga or one of her incarnations during the final 60 seconds of the fight. The quest log entry for Rise of Devovorga will indicate whether the player has contributed enough to be rewarded. Note that even if a player receives the achievement for killing a boss it is not necessarily the case that that player will be eligible for the rewards.

To reach the reward room after your world successfully banished Devovorga, simply enter the portal where you killed one of the incarnations or Devovorga herself. These will teleport you to the reward room, where nothing but treasure chests await you.

Level 20+

Total required Capacity: 60.99 oz.

Level 40+

Required Capacity: 40.80 oz. Total required Capacity (including Level 20+ rewards): 101.79 oz.

Level 70+

Required Capacity: 125.40 oz. Total required Capacity (including Level 20+ and Level 40+ rewards): 227.19 oz.


Note that as of 2014, damaging any of the incarnations sufficiently within the final minute of the fight grants you the Slayer of... achievement for that incarnation.

Note: the Slayer of... achievements can also be obtained through the Devovorga's Essence Mini World Change.

World Rewards

Worlds who succeed on killing Devovorga will receive 50% extra regeneration per hour until the end of September.