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Rings are similar to Necklaces and Amulets. Some of them have a magical effect upon the wearer, but others are only for decoration.

While most Necklaces and Amulets provide their effect in a number of charges, most rings are effective for an amount of time.


Name Arm Weight Attributes Resist Duration Charges Required Level Required Vocation
Axe Ring Axe Ring.gif 0.90 axe fighting +4 30 minutes
Blister Ring (Discharged) Blister Ring (Discharged).gif 0.90 220
Blister Ring Blister Ring.gif 0.90 fire +6% 60 minutes 220
Brandon's Wedding Ring Brandon's Wedding Ring.gif 1.00
Broken Ring of Ending Broken Ring of Ending.gif 0.60
Broken Wedding Ring Broken Wedding Ring.gif 0.40
Butterfly Ring Butterfly Ring.gif 2 1.20 death +3% 50
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'.gif 5.00 100
Club Ring Club Ring.gif 0.90 club fighting +4 30 minutes
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring.gif 0.90
Death Ring Death Ring.gif 1 0.80 shielding -10 death +5% 8 minutes
Dwarven Ring Dwarven Ring.gif 1.10 hard drinking 60 minutes
Energy Ring Energy Ring.gif 0.80 magic shield 10 minutes knights and paladins
Engraved Wedding Ring Engraved Wedding Ring.gif 0.40
Family Signet Ring Family Signet Ring.gif 0.80
Frozen Claw Frozen Claw.gif 4.55
Gold Ring Gold Ring.gif 1.00
Horn (Ring) Horn (Ring).gif 1 1.20
House Silversun's Signet Ring House Silversun's Signet Ring.gif 4.50
Life Ring Life Ring.gif 0.80 faster regeneration 20 minutes
Lion Ring Lion Ring.gif 0.40
Might Ring Might Ring.gif 1.00 physical +20%, fire +20%, earth +20%, energy +20%, ice +20%, holy +20%, death +20% 20
Power Ring Power Ring.gif 0.80 fist fighting +6 30 minutes
Prismatic Ring Prismatic Ring.gif 1.05 physical +10%, energy +8% 60 minutes 120
Ring of Blue Plasma Ring of Blue Plasma.gif 0.90 distance fighting +3, magic level +1 30 minutes 100 paladins
Ring of Ending Ring of Ending.gif 0.00 200
Ring of Green Plasma Ring of Green Plasma.gif 0.90 magic level +2, faster Regeneration 30 minutes 100 sorcerers and druids
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing.gif 0.80 faster regeneration 7.5 minutes
Ring of Red Plasma Ring of Red Plasma.gif 0.90 sword fighting +3, club fighting +3, axe fighting +3 physical +3% 30 minutes 100 knights
Ring of Secret Thoughts (Charged) Ring of Secret Thoughts (Charged).gif 0.90
Ring of Secret Thoughts Ring of Secret Thoughts.gif 0.90
Ring of Souls (Depleted) Ring of Souls (Depleted).gif 0.80 200
Ring of Souls Ring of Souls.gif 0.80 physical +2%, life drain +10% 2 hours 200
Ring of Wishes Ring of Wishes.gif 0.50
Ring of the Sky Ring of the Sky.gif 0.40
Shapeshifter Ring Shapeshifter Ring.gif 0.80 10 hours
Star Ring Star Ring.gif 0.80 faster regeneration 10 minutes without
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring.gif 1.00 invisibility 10 minutes
Suspicious Signet Ring Suspicious Signet Ring.gif 0.80
Sweetheart Ring Sweetheart Ring.gif 0.90
Sword Ring Sword Ring.gif 0.90 sword fighting +4 30 minutes
Symbol of Sun and Sea Symbol of Sun and Sea.gif 1.00
Time Ring Time Ring.gif 0.90 speed +30 10 minutes
Unstable Ring of Ending Unstable Ring of Ending.gif 0.60
Vampire's Signet Ring Vampire's Signet Ring.gif 0.10
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring.gif 0.40