Retching Horror.gif
You see a retching horror.
  • Wait for us, little maggot...
  • We will devour you...
  • My little beetles, go forth, eat, feast!


The Retching Horror is an abomination of dreams, twisted and contorted. It feeds on smaller dreams and creatures like a parasite, creeping up on them and swallowing them whole. Retching Horrors do not digest their prey, but absorb it, building it into themselves and perverting everything about it, trying to block out the eternal pain they are suffering, but only adding to it with every new victim. Occasionally, they cough up horrible diseased dreams and pains, items, flies, arrows; and if they wish, they speak with different voices to ensnare and terrify their prey. Their fingers are live white worms that they use to plunge into living flesh and suck out body fluids, filling the victim afterwards with their own chitinous glue before swallowing it. Their mouth is surrounded by pallid tendril-feelers that they use to sniff out particular delicacies, and they can smell prey several miles off. As their flesh is raw, they dislike being touched, being constantly in pain, and so keep a little distance to their victims.


Melee (0-500), Arrows (0-300), large groggy explosion (Paralyzes you), fire wave (200-450) (green shimmering effect), drunken hit, Groundshaker (50-300), Self-Healing.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


All over the surface of Upper Roshamuul and Nightmare Isles.


Follows the target. A retching horror never retreats.


Similar to a Choking Fear, with which they are often in company. Might look strong from its many abilities, but rarely utilizes half of them. Knights are best suited to deal with these.


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