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Research Notes of Dolis, Headmaster of the Planegazers

(the paper seems to be extremely old and some parts are hard to read)

We successfully sped up the process, disregarding the council's suggestions. I ordered my team to focus on the places we already know as being visited by the Planestrider. The original sites of its arrival are probably the most visited, yet not very well documented. If we find the origin of the cubes, we find the origin of this being itself. Yet all the cubes we found so far seem incomplete.

(extensive maps may have been drawn here, time has rendered them completely unreadable, what is still there seems to not make much sense)

Comments on active projects:

(the first 20 or so notes are mostly uninteresting and common observations)

#26: Dimensional Beings
We found evidence of what we assume to be visitors from another dimension. A whole race of interdimensional beings has been traced to an uncharted and unexplored content approximately far to the north-east. Travellers have confirmed sightings of hideous creatures with multiple lags, mouths and eyes, devouring or carrying large amounts of energy. All reports described very unnatural beings appearing out of nowhere.

#26/2,addendum: Successful Capture
One specimen was found bound and half-dead on a ship. The captain abandoned the remainder of his crew on this floating coffin only shortly after it arrived in the Venore harbour so we do not know who captured it or how it got onto the ship. It must have been a truly daunting task, however, for as we tried to pull it out of the ship's hold, it came alive and started attacking us immediately, causing a lot of damage. We managed to contain it using one of the advanced holding cells our craftsmen designed. Studying this thing may bring us one step closer to the truth. What are these things and are they the origin of all this?

#26/3,addendum: One Step Back
While we can confirm the specimen from 26/2 is not from our dimension, it is not in any way connected to the being we're after. I conclude that the Planestrider may not even be a "being" in the actual sense. All things considered it may be more of a "concept" but to what end? What is the purpose and why this trail of unmistakable evidence on its existence? The words it offers us are a part of something it wants us to know. It must all be connected to form a meaning, a message. It is clear that we are close to decipher it but what if it is not even in our hands anymore, what if it never was? Note: I should keep trivial or personal thoughts in a diary or something, I will leave these in here for now.

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