What are report features?

Tibia has report features built in for both game clients and on the website. The report features allow players to report character names, statements, forum signature, posts and the comment on the character page, guild informations, characters that are using bot or macro and bugs, the last one being exclusively for tutors.


Until 2003 Update, the report features were available for all players, but due to large overflow of information (players oftenly misused that report to ask for free items among other misuses), these features were made exclusive for the tutors, which had been just introduced.

After the volunteers gamemasters were dismissed in August 05, 2010, the ingame Rule Violation report (ctrl + r) was removed since there was not going to be ingame rule enforcement anymore.

The Spring patch 2010 changed the report system once again, giving all players the ability to report all rule violations, leaving only the bug reports exclusively for the tutors.

Current System

Reports can be submitted ingame or from the website, depending on what’s being reported.

After submitting a report you can view its status on the my account page on There are two possible statuses of your submitted report:

  • Pending - Customer Support must still take a look at it;
  • Processed - Customer Support has already dealt with the report and applied punishments if necessary;

Note: You may only have 2 pending reports at a time (excluding bot/macro reports). Further, you will not be able to make any reports if you have made too many invalid reports in the last 30 days. In the Rule Violation Reports section on your account page, you can check how many reports you have left.

When this system was first introduced, it was also possible to see if the report was accepeted or rejected, but this option was removed.

Report Features

Name Report Feature

This feature sends a report to the customer support containing a name that possibly breaks the rules. If the customer support agrees with the illegality of the name, the character that has been reported will receive a namelock in their criminal record. Character names can be reported both from the character page and from the clients. Official Tibia manual page regarding name reports.

Statement Report Feature

Players are able to report illegal statements of every public or private channel directly to CipSoft, who will determine whether the reported statement is illegal or not. If the customer support approves the report, the player in question will suffer a punishment (banishment or notation), and will not be able to complain about his criminal record. Along with the reported statement, the chat log from 3 minutes before and 1 minute after that satement is also sent to help Customer Support interpret the severity of the statement. Official Tibia manual page regarding statement reports.

Forum Signature and Post Report Features

It is possible to report posts that break the rules directly to the customer support by clicking on the “Report Post” link at the end of the post. This was implemented into 2005's Summer Update along with the Senior Tutor rank, but are now available to all players. Official Tibia manual page regarding board reports. You can also report illegal forum signatures by cliking on the “Report Signature” link at the end of any of the player’s post. Official Tibia manual page regarding signature reports.

Character Page Comment Report Feature

If the comment at the character page on Tibia’s website is against the rules, it can be reported by clicking on the “Report Comment” button on the bottom right corner of the comment. Official Tibia manual page regarding board reports.

Guild Information Report Feature

All the information present on the Guild page can be reported by clicking on the “Report Offence” button above the member’s list. This includes the name, logo, description, homepage, rank names and member’s titles. Official Tibia manual page regarding guild reports.

Bot/Macro Report Feature

This feature enables players to report characters that they believe are using unofficial software to play the game. It can be only used ingame by right clicking the character or the character name on the battle list. The report, however, is not going to point that character to be investigated, but is only used to gather information to improve the automatic detection tool. Official Tibia manual page regarding bot/macro reports.

Bug Report Feature

This feature is only available to tutors and above. It sends a formal report to CipSoft's technical support staff. In the past, tutors were asked to manually report the debug assertion using this feature, but with a technical update, debug assertions are now automatically sent upon the next login after the client crash. Nowadays, this feature is only to report typing mistakes of NPCs, small map gliches, places that can be abused to trap people with an NPC or block people from reaching an NPC and other bugs that can't be detected through debug assertions. Keyboard Shortcut: Control + Z. Official Tibia manual page regarding bug reports.

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