• The word "Refugia" is derived from Latin word "refugium" meaning "refuge", which coincides with the fact that Refugia is Optional PvP Server.

Points of Interest

Advantages of Playing Here

  • Optional PvP so you can only kill players in War System.
  • Refugia has pretty good community which you cannot find in open pvp worlds.

Disadvantages of Playing Here

  • Many scamming/thieving because of the Optional PvP.
  • House prices are on a dramatic increase. Some 50+ sqm houses may go for 1kk+ if they are in a nice city.
  • A lot of botters.
  • Very High chances of getting lured upon higher leveled players.


  • Orshabaal.gif - Orshabaal (Seen:7 | Killed:7)
  • Morgaroth.gif - Morgaroth (Seen:6 | Killed:4), On the third attempt he was finally killed.
  • Ghazbaran.gif - Ghazbaran (Seen:4 | Killed:2)
  • Ferumbras.gif - Ferumbras (Seen:6 | Killed:4) (his body and loot was disintegrated once). Refugia is also the only server to have blocked the Ferumbras respawn.
  • Omrafir.gif - Omrafir (Seen:2 | Killed:1), Refugia was the first server to defeat him.