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Year 30 Tzuzak VII
Our forces are ready to strike now. We are only a few but we are dedicated to our cause. The dragons must die or everything is lost. I know they had arrived in desperate times. Although some of them looked weary when they arrived from the north, they were powerful and majestic beasts indeed. I assume they are the survivors of some great catastrophe but they did not want to talk about that and nobody wanted to push them. With all the losses due to plague and war, their promises to lead us to victory over our enemies sounded too tempting to resist. Moreover, there was no other option left. Which each victory their support amongst the people grew stronger. Tzuzak soon called for them and they nourished the king with favours like someone is feeding a pet snake with rats. Their influence over the court grew steadily and many of the officials were eager to please them to gain their favours as well. It became more and more obvious that the dragons had turned into the actual leaders. Some of us could no longer stand this situation. We gathered in secrecy to form an alliance against the dragons. Treachery is abound in this land, and we have to act now or all will be lost. We will strike this night at several key positions and hopefully not only cause considerable damage but also lead the people to oppose the remaining dragons. Tomorrow night I will know if our rebellion has been victorious.

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