Property Value
Aliases Chayenne's Key Quest
Est. Length 30 minutes
Quest Log
Level 40
(60 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 9.44
January 13, 2012
Status Active


Guarded by fire and dark walls, a long forgotten secret lies...


Dragons, Dragon Lords, Fire Elementals and lesser creatures in the Kha'labal.

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  • At least 2 destroy field runes


Warning Icon Red

This quest is not fully understood. It has been reported the following steps works for some people, but not for others.

Ankrahmun Dragon Lair Mystery

Ankrahmun's dragon lair (with fire removed). Note that the switch tile is pressed down and that the lever tile is covered with rocks.

Realm of Dreams Lever

  • Travel to Draconia and levitate to the pyramid top. Open the Treasure Chest, it contains a book. It contains some hints for the next part. You must obtain this book or you will be unable to enter the Realm of Dreams.
  • Go to the northern dragon lair of Ankrahmun, and kill every Dragon, Dragon Lord, and Fire Elemental there. IMPORTANT: If the spawn is not 100% respawned it wont work and it takes a long time for it to be fully respawned—in particular the Dragon Lords on the bottom floor and below the elementals take a long time. Check the list below to verify you have killed the right amount on each floor.
  • On the highest floor there should be a switch tile covered with a Fire Field. When using a Destroy Field Rune on it the switch will pop up. Just walk on it and the stone pile above it will disappear, revealing a lever. Note: it might be necessary to use Destroy Field on the fire direct to the right of the switch tile, and then use it on the fire at the switch. This has been reported to work for some people, but others say it can be done by only removing the fire of the switch tile.
  • Use the lever and head south, a Magic Wall should have been removed. If you have Chayenne's Magical Key in your backpack you will be allowed to enter the Magic Forcefield. Also, you must have obtained the Key to Magic book in Draconia in order to enter, however you don't need to have it with you.
  • Upon entering, you will be sent to the Realm of Dreams. Just follow the path until you reach a little island, then go north-east. Go past the level 40 Gate of Expertise. Your reward is inside a Dead Dragon on the second floor. Note: Because of the Quick Looting feature, depending on your mouse settings you may not get your reward by right-clicking the corpse. If this happens, try using Ctrl + Left Click to open the menu and select "Open".
  • In order to leave, use a gate to the north-west of the island. You will be sent to the entrance of the dragon lair.
Floor Monsters
+0 2x Dragon, 2x Dragon Lord
+1 8x Dragon
+2 4x Dragon, 4x Dragon Lord
+3 2x Dragon Lord
+4 7x Fire Elemental
All 14x Dragon, 6x Dragon Lord, 7x Fire Elemental


  • The Magic Wall will re-appear after 5 minutes you used the lever, however the stone pile won't unless there is Floor Reset. If the magic walls are closed and there is no stone pile above the lever, just use it in order to open the path.
  • It is not necessary to have used the Anniversary Remains of Chayenne during Tibia's 15th Anniversary to complete this quest.
  • Under certain circumstances, which are however not fully understood, floor reset might not be enough to unblock the lever. It has been noticed by certain players, that clearing entire dragon lair thoroughly after floor reset didn't work and lever was still locked, even after many tries during the same day, so if you wanna be more sure it's better to wait for server save instead of floor reset.
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