Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Port Hope
Position 127.109, 127.235, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Postman
Other Properties
Version 7.5
August 9, 2005
Status Active
You see Ray.
NPC Bubble D
  • If you need help with letters or parcels, just ask me. I can explain everything.
  • Stay in touch with your friends. Send a letter, let them know you care and such!


Central part of northern Port Hope, first floor above Port Hope Depot.


This NPC has no notes.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Label Household Items Household Items1
Letter 1Household Items Household Items5
Parcel 2Household Items Household Items10


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Ray.

Player: hi
Ray: Hello. How may I help you Player? Ask me for a trade if you want to buy something. I can also explain the mail system.
Player: job
Ray: I am responsible for this post office. If you have questions about the mail system or the depots, just ask me.
Player: name
Ray: My name is Ray.
Player: time
Ray: Now it's 10:50 am.
Player: dworcs
Ray: Those bloodthirsty headhunters live in the south. I heard only horrible stories about them and I believe they are not exaggerated.
Player: jungle
Ray: The jungle is a dangerous place. Many got lost there and never returned.
Player: apes
Ray: They are a pest. A quite dangerous pest as far as I can tell.
Player: lizards
Ray: The lizards give me shivers. They are so alien, even more than the minotaurs or orcs we know from the surroundings of Thais.
Player: thais/carlin
Ray: All cities are covered by our mailing system.
Player: ferumbras
Ray: I hope this colony is too remote and meaningless to him to care for a visit.
Player: excalibug
Ray: There are rumours about some hidden stone tablets mentioning that weapon. Adventurers claim to have seen those tablets in the ancient lizard city.
Player: post/mail
Ray: With our mail system you can send letters and parcels to other Tibians. I can either explain how letters and parcels work or sell them to you if you ask me for a trade.
Player: king tibianus
Ray: The king lives far away in the lovely city of Thais, but even he can be reached by our mailing system.
Player: bye
Ray: I hope to see you back soon, Player.

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