The main library of Rathleton is located in the basement of the Rathleton Magistrate, but there are some books scattered around the city and island as well. The books found on Krailos are also included on this page.

Rathleton and the rest of Oramond

Rathleton Magistrate

Rathleton Magistrate bookcase (+2).png

These bookcases are EMPTY:
Sixth, Eighth, Eleventh, Twelfth.

Note: These bookcases are all moveable.

First Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Rathleton Classes I (Book)Book (Blue)Description of working classes in Rathleton
Rathleton Classes II (Book)Book (Blue)Description of working classes in Rathleton

Second Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Dissolution of the Rathleton Lord Protectorate (Book)Parchment (Yellow)Declaration how the reign of a single ruler stopped in favor of democracy
The Glooth Plant (Book)Book (Grey)?

Third Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Big Book of Glooth I (Book)Book (Black)Description of the discovery of glooth and some applications
The Big Book of Glooth II (Book)Book (Black)Some applications of glooth and the possible overdependence on it

Fourth Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Nightmare Knights Explore Oramond I (Book)Book (Orange)The Nightmare Knights arrive on Oramond and overtake King Julas and his men
Nightmare Knights Explore Oramond II (Book)Book (Orange)The Nightmare Knights kill King Julas and start to rule the island themselves. The island is not suitable to place a dream base because of something evil haunting it.

Fifth Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Investigating Oramond Folklore I (Book)Book (Red)?
Investigating Oramond Folklore II (Book)Book (Red)?
Investigating Oramond Folklore III (Book)Book (Red)?

Rathleton Magistrate bookcase (+1).png

Seventh Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Archived Tax Payer List A-L (Book)Book (Brown Square)?
Archived Tax Payer List M-Z (Book)Book (Brown Square)?

Ninth Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Civic Litigations I (Book)Book (Black)?
Civic Litigations II (Book)Book (Black)?

Rathleton Magistrate bookcase (+3).png

Tenth Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Perilous Adventures of Captain Caveworm I (Book)Book (Green)?
The Perilous Adventures of Captain Caveworm II (Book)Book (Green)?

Near Dr Merlay

Dr Merlay Library.png

Note: These bookcases are all moveable.

First Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
Runes and Spells (Book)Book (Fat Green)An introduction to runes and spells.
The Uses and Possibilities of Glooth (Book)Book (Black)The scientific purposes of glooth.
The Foundations and Principles of Slime Science (Book)Book (Red)The foundations and principles of working with glooth.

Second Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Elements and Their Impact on the Manipulation of Glooth (Book)Book (Brown Thin)How the elements can influence glooth.
Satirical Notes on the Hierarchy and Traditions of Oramond and Rathleton (Book)Book (Black)Someone wants to poke fun at the traditions of Oramond and Rathleton.
Map of the Old Sewers of Rathleton (Book)Map (Brown)The Abandoned Sewers cartographed.

Third Case
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Rare Fauna and Flora of Oramond III (Book)Book (Atlas)Some of the rare fauna and flora of Oramond.
Salves and Balms (Book)Piece of Paper?

Fourth Book
NameBook TypeShort Description
Merlay's Transformation (Book)Large BookDr Merlay writes of his misery after his hideous transformation.


NameBook TypeShort Description
A Venture Through the Oramond Fields (Book)Book (Red)Thoughts on how Oramond may have been changed over time by glooth.
Beauty and the Mino (Book)Book (Fat Green)?
Diary of E. M. (Book)Book (Red)?
Finger Flights to Musical Heights (Book)Piece of Paper?
Four Wishing Statues (Book)Piece of PaperAn explorer encounters four statues that are apparently wishing for something.
Mutated Glooth (Book)Parchment (Yellow)Someone has found something which very much pleases Uquora the High-Handed of the Circle of the Black Sphinx.
Offline Training (Book)Large BookHow to train when offline.
Oramond Observer (Book)Parchment (White)?
Rathleton Gazette (Book)Piece of Paper?
Tassondis's Discoveries (Book)Large BookThe Planegazers have found a way to decipher some hidden messages.
The Apprentice Pieces (Book)Piece of Paper?
The Blood Grail (Book)Book (Orange)Someone contemplates gaining power using the Blood Grail
The Book of Stars (Book)Large Book?
The Fauna and Flora of the Isle of Oramond (Book)Book (Black)Thoughts on Oramond's past and the conflict with Minotaurs
The Key to Chamber Music (Book)Piece of Paper?
The Layers of the Worlds (Book)Book (Orange)?
The Movement of the Stars (Book)Book (Brown Thin)?
The Old Man and the Sea Serpent (Book)Book (Fat Green)?
The Scales to Success (Book)Piece of Paper?
The Uses of Glooth in Modern Oramond Pharmacy (Book)Book (Fat Green)Pharmatic uses of glooth.


Name Type Description
Downfall of an Empire (Book) Parchment (White).gif Passionate followers of Fafnar committed sacrilege against Suon and thus doomed an entire empire.
Geography of Krailos (Book) Book (Fat Green).gifBook (Grey).gif The features of the island of Krailos.
Goblin Mountain (Book) Piece of Paper (Object).gif Sugatrap founds a goblin city in the Krailos mountains after Frog God instructs him to do so.
Offline Training (Book) Large Book.gif How to train when offline.
Ogre Society (Book) Book (Brown Square).gifBook (Brown Thin).gif The culture of the Ogres.
Pillaging Krailos (Book) Book (Black).gif A pirate is eager to plunder the island he just discovered.
Stranded Miserably (Book) Piece of Paper (Object).gif An unfortunate seaman reflects upon his miserable fate now his ship has stranded on some unknow and dangerous island.