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The poor without much rights try to make a living by being hired and fired, collecting reusable junk and selling it, fishing stuff out of the canals, killing creatures in the canals, some fishing, doing illegal jobs. Some of them might have a permanent job like providing cheap energy via treadmills in the factories.
The working class works under gruesome conditions in unhealthy environments. Most are replaceable manual workers without much knowledge. They are poorly paid and only seldom replaced by expensive and repair-intensive automatons. Some extremely heavy work is done by automatons with workers that serve like drones to make the automaton work. An individual worker can easily be replaced by another. Crafters, specialists, town clerks enjoy a somewhat more comfortable life. They possess knowledge, skill and/or talent that makes them somewhat unique. The lowest work in factories as overseers and mechanics and recruit their apprentices from talented workers. Some artists can be counted to that class, when they have some skill or renown that allows them to earn a living with their profession, rather than practising their art as a hobby in their limited spare time. Medics, surveyors, magic users, private teachers and the like often fall into that category. They usually come from specialised families that pay for and oversee their education.
The upper class is usually recruited from younger heirs of the factory owners who only inherit some money and monthly allowance. Since this money usually won't suffice for their own children and the allowance is not inheritable, they are often at the mercy of their families. Usually, they get leading positions in the factories and are urged to learn some useful skill. Others end up in key positions of the city's administrative hierarchy. Certain extremely well-liked artists and specialists may advance into this class. They have comparatively much spare time which they spend on social events like formal parties, meetings and more or less exclusive clubs.

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