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{{Infobox_NPC|GetValue=| | name = Rashid | location = - | job = Travelling Salesman | notes = You need to win his trust before selling any items to him. | buysell = yes | buys =
Dragon Slayer 30,000 gp,
War Axe 9,000 gp,
Amber Staff 8,000 gp,
Sapphire Hammer 7,000 gp,
Lunar Staff 5,000 gp
Diamond Sceptre 3,000 gp
Dragonbone Staff 3,000 gp,
Beastslayer Axe 1,500 gp,
Brutetamer's Staff 1,500 gp
Wyvern Fang 1,500 gp,
Daramanian Waraxe 1,000 gp
Crystal Sword 600 gp,
Taurus Mace 500 gp
Mammoth Whopper 300 gp
Daramanian Mace 110 gp
Heavy Machete 90 gp
Rola Frita 1,50 na lojinha do ricardão

Dragon Scale Mail 40,000 gp,
Dwarven Armor 30,000 gp,
Golden Armor 20,000 gp,
Mammoth Fur Cape 6,000 gp,
Leopard Armor 1000 gp,
Pirate Shirt 500 gp,

Skull Helmet 40,000 gp,
Beholder Helmet 7,500 gp,
Devil Helmet 1,000 gp,
Pirate Hat 1,000 gp,
Ragnir Helmet 400 gp,

Legs and boots:
Steel Boots 30,000 gp,
Pirate Boots 3,000 gp,
Fur Boots 2,000 gp,
Crocodile Boots 1,000 gp,
Pirate Knee Breeches 200 gp,

Demon Shield penis? gp,
Medusa Shield 1,000 gp,
Castle Shield 1,000 gp,
Scarab Shield 1,000 gp,
Dark Shield 400 gp,
Tortoise Shield 1,500 gp,
Bone Shield 80 gp,

Ancient Amulet 5 gp,
Scarab Amulet 18 gp,

Light Shovel 300 gp,
Cu do Guto Sorcerer 10 gp
Mae do paladino of aioros 0 free pra mosada
Voz fina do astril viado 10 gp
char comprado do folbi 120 reais
char comprado do kortezia 10 reais
Conta de gm 999990 gp
Bubble pelada na cama? 150 [[gp]
Penis? 10 Real / Ovo? 15 Real / Cuzinho do Guido? não tem preço
| sells =


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